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We, the People, demand Truth, Justice and Transparency! Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the treasonous attempt of the Obama Administration's DoJ and FBI to spy on presidential candidate Donald Trump and prevent his election has been uncovered. http://lerant.proboards.com/thread/11416/operation-crossfire-hurricane

The 2nd special counsel into the FBI and DOJ has been requested!! The Deep Stater's in the Department of Justice and FBI who participated in this treasonous operation will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, we need YOU to sign the whitehouse.gov petition to end the Federal Reserve in America! PLEASE TAKE ONE MINUTE TO SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION:


The #PAIN has arrived! It's all over. The second special council is about to commence! Please watch the CSPAN press conference here:

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The volcanic eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii was no natural occurrence. The Rothschild's arranged it with their Israeli based company, Ormat Technologies, and the purpose was to create multiple tsunamis meant to hit the West coast of the USA and other Pacific Rim countries, generating billions in disaster revenue as well as create a massive global distraction.


Senator Harry Reid, (NV-D), former Senate Majority Leader, now retired, held a huge stake in Ormat Technologies and is responsible for securing hundreds of millions for the fraudulent "green" company in stolen tax payer dollars:


To follow up on the institutionalized criminality of the London banksters and the usurpation of America's government by the bankster cabal:

To read the Constitution of the Confederate States of America that specified more power to the States, line-veto to the Executive Branch and no bail-outs or debt forgiveness to corporations:

We are meant to have a government BY CONSENT. To take free classes on the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

Refresh your memory on the criminal activities of Oliver North, now the President of the National Rifle Association. What is the problem with this picture??

Can you say "Savings & Loan" Scandal? That would be the doing of Bonesman and then future President George W Bush (and Daddy Bush) culminating in 1990:

The most recent school shooting has all of the usual trappings of a false flag- 2 live-shooter drills staged in the last 2 months, a mass-casualty drill at the local hospital one week before . In this post by a fellow Stemian, we can see that some of the victims (most?) may have been shot by the police:

PLEASE sign the petition to End The Federal Reserve: http://endthefedreserve.com/

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Thanks for viewing this post! This is the time for ACTION, Freedom Lovers!! Let's BE the Change! @dakini5d

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Why the heck does the End The Fed petition only have 9,500 signatures??????? Surely it should have at least 50K from your subscribers alone. We need all the You Tube Truth journalists to share the link. How can we get that to happen?


I know!! It is insane. at least 26,000 people have watched my video alone and it takes one minute to do it! Are people seriously that mind controlled and enslaved that they are either to lazy, too zombified or too afraid to sign the petition?? Share it everywhere you can. I will keep harping on it in my videos over the remaining time we have to get the signatures...


I'm with you!


Thanks so much for the curation power, @wakeupnd!