#SLUMLORD Valerie Jarrett Makes Multi-millions in Classist Racist HUD Scams, TRUMP Signs RIGHT TO TRY #STORM

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As CNN fixates on porn star Stormy Daniels today, President Trump signs the Right To Try Bill and makes it easier for people with terminal and chronic illness to move forward with drug treatments not yet approved by the FDA. The corrupt FDA, controlled by Big Pharma, has been terrorizing natural health practitioners for decades, using military-style raids and lawsuits to literally drive practitioners either out of business and into bankruptcy or out of the country in search of other places where they can practice without threats, danger to themselves and their families, and financial ruin at the hands of these modern era drug cartels we call Big Pharma. The RIGHT TO TRY Bill, Valerie Jarrett's criminal banksterism and Roseanne Barr fighting back are the subject of today's video:

Trump said, "As Americans, we never give up--Ever!" and that we can expect to see the unveiling of a new health plan within the next several weeks that will send Obamacare into the dust bin of history. When President Trump gifted his Presidential pen to a young boy in a wheelchair who was sitting next to him during the press conference, the boy spontaneously approached the President and hugged him in a beautiful gesture that saturated the entire event in love and promise.

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Meanwhile, Roseanne Barr has decided to fight back, claiming today: "I am not a racist." Barr, who is Jewish and has been a vocal supporter of freedom and human rights for every group and culture under the sun, claims she suffered a fugue-like state under the influence of Ambien, which led to the tweet that cost her dearly, with the cancellation of her extremely popular show ROSEANNE. Ambien, per its own warning insert, is known to cause mania, black outs, suicidal thoughts, and behavioral outbursts. Today, Roseanne tweeted:

"I'm not a racist, I never was & I never will be. One stupid joke in a lifetime of fighting 4 civil rights 4 all minorities, against networks, studios, at the expense of my nervous system/family/wealth will NEVER b taken from me."


President Trump tweeted his support of Roseanne, today, per usual, perfect timing:

"Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that “ABC does not tolerate comments like those” made by Roseanne Barr. Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC. Maybe I just didn’t get the call?"
8:31 AM - May 30, 2018

When we observe Valerie Jarrett's career, we can see that it has been built upon exploiting the financially and socially disadvantaged, most of whom have been African Americans and other minority groups who populate Section-8 and other subsidized housing in the greater Chicago area. The following article does an excellent job on filling out the miserable details of Jarrett's exploits in monopolizing the private/public partnership stranglehold on development in Chicago during her reign from 2001 through 2012, her influence even extending up to the present day:

And Jarrett, is still at it, post HRC defeat, back in the Windy City, looking for fresh scams:

Additional articles that back up the above accounts:

You can watch President Trump's excellent RIGHT TO TRY (S.204) Bill-signing speech here:

Please tweet Disney CEO, Robert Iger and ABC President Channing Dungey to protest the canceling of the ROSEANNE Show:



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Ellen Atkin as a child in the 1950's in Montreal Canada, being electrocuted and experimented upon in the MKUltra Project:
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Ellen Atkin today in her appearance on The Real News with David Knight:
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