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Wow that doesn't even seem real sometimes, but even if it wouldn't be it would have been perfectly beautiful animated. Great song and location choices too.
I enjoyed that a lot! Thank you.


thank you so much! there will definitely be more to come! <3

Welcome to Steem @lucyford I have upvoted and sent you a tip


thank you!


you bet man it was great! really loved it, keep them coming!

Hi, Lucyford, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Hello and Welcome! Nice to meet you! Thanks for join

Hey there! I'm a new arrival too. Welcome!

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Hey ! Welcome to Steemit, I hope you will have lots of fun interacting with the community. Have a great time n do follow me @manish22rai ....Cheers !!