DAOstack: The Operating System for DAOs

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What is DAOstack?
We can call it a project developed to scale Blokchain. It looks like the CardStack project we've seen before. DAO is an acronym for decentralized autonomous organization. Full Turkish provision means decentralized autonomous organization.

Decentralized autonomous companies, ie DAOs, are managed by computerized, centralized smart contracts called DACs. For Shuan, these intelligent contracts have no place in state law. But in the future I think we will hear much more about smart contracts, and that these contracts will also have legal validity. The project uses the Ethereum infrastructure and I am delighted to be using Eth infrastructure as such an ethics favorite. I think that if every successful project is direct, it will indirectly add value for eth. Anyway, let's look at what problems the DAOstack project came up with to solve the problem.

There is a problem of trust in matters such as the management of DAOs, ie, decentralized structures. DAOstack is emerging to solve this problem.

DAOstack will be a safe mold for decentralized structures. The white page is similar to WordPress, which is a ready-made infrastructure used by DAOstack bloggers. So when you want to open a blog, you can start by typing WordPress before the beginning and then typing WordPress and typing your blog instead of creating your blog. If you were to do WordPress yourself from scratch, it would probably be open to many. It's a big waste of time too. But WordPress is a secure ready platform with thousands of developers and thousands of users. Instead of coding every blog from scratch, WordPress uses similar applications.

How does it work?

The impact of these technologies is obvious, but how do they come together? Think of a DMO as a machine that walks, speaks and markets.
The DMO is the outer shell that fulfills all marketing functions within it.
The DAOstack modules are the gears running the DMO. Provides functions that allow the marketing machine to function.
For example, one of the modules is a scattered Artificial Intelligence (AI) function. Built on DAOstack and integrated into DMO. The DMO plays an integral role in the proper functioning of the DMO. Without AI skills, there is no way to see or understand what happens to any of your marketers. The AI reads the data provided through the DAOstack modules, making it meaningful to make meaningful information, and then allows the marketer to understand and use the advantages of the market.

"DAOstack provides the basic tools for the creation, operation and management of DAOs internally and externally within a larger ecosystem. In summary, it can be considered a WordPress article for DAOs. "
WordPress has a very important place in internet history because it brings advanced web design concept to daily web design. Individuals whose areas of expertise are not web designers can have aesthetic and functional web sites without having to hire a web designer. The reduction of the entrance barrier for website design allowed a richer online presence with interesting and useful pages and stores built by people who could not build a website from scratch. Web designers did not have to deal with basic web site construction tasks and instead used new and powerful applications.
DAOstack's ERC20 token is called GEN. To catalyze the development of DAOstack's ecosystem, these tokens will be used to promote the development of useful and efficient DAO DAPPs, taking into account the principle that platforms and systems are as valuable as their contributions. For example, the first developers to develop and develop successful DAPPs will be awarded with GEN tokens. DAOStack, as a DAO itself, also includes unique capabilities for co-operation and consensus building through internal management mechanisms based on the stacking of GEN tokens.
DAOStack's Genesis DAO, the first DAO, will guide DAOStack as it continues to develop new capabilities. The allocation of one voting right per coin is not a stable governance structure, as the well-informed users who can not afford to buy big coins can easily vote by wealthy investors who buy voting rights. Instead, Genesis DAO uses a unique management mechanism called holographic dialogue. Anyone can make a proposal in DAO and co-owners can share GEN deficits in favor of or against any open proposal.

In the light of all these, DAOstack's operating system for governance consists of four main layers based on the Ethereum block chain. These;

ArcHives: A set of shared records that provides interoperability between DAOs and Dapps built on DAOstack.
Ark is the base layer of the written stacks and intelligent contract library that allows the creation of governance protocols for DAOs.
js: A JavaScript pre-interface that allows developers to easily build custom interfaces and custom applications for their organization.
Application layer: To expose the system and support adaptation to the world, DAOstack created the first application in the stack called Alchemy. This layer creates a user interface for budgeting and resource allocation for decentralized organizations that will enable everyone to create DAOs, participate in decision-making and capability sharing centers, and even create an enterprise-specific ERC20 encryption signature if desired.

Website: https://daostack.io/
White Paper: https://daostack.io/wp/DAOstack-White-Paper-en.pdf
Yotube: https://youtube.com/c/daostack
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daostack
Telegram: https://t.me/daostackcommunity
Medium: https://medium.com/daostack
Github: https://github.com/daostack
BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3334839.0
BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3334795.0
My BTT username: PHI1618
My BTT profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1071136
My eth wallet: 0xF13067A0780960ba6de37179fBEFB537872b90eA

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This project is really good. I believe it will be the most successful ICO of 2018. This project, developed for DAOs, is sure to bring many innovations to the underground.

It's really a high quality project. I searched teams and consultants. I believe they will succeed.

How much Dao are necessary is a topic that can be discussed. Where is Dao now? We need to investigate these. But it's a fact. In the future Dao will come to important positions.

I like this ico. I think I will invest. Thank you for the information. I upvoted

Thank you for all this information. I will search. I have heard from many places in recent days Daostack.