"Dapp" is a fake word created my marketers to pump up blockchain projects ๐Ÿค–

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Almost all of the blockchains that exist today are NOT decentralized.

Read more about that here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@inventor16/satoshi-never-used-the-word-decentralized-in-the-bitcoin-whitepaper-he-used-peer-to-peer

These "Dapps" are Centralized web applications that plug into distributed blockchains with peer to peer transactions.

What that means is these applications have a distributed database, they are NOT decentralized by any stretch. But they do not have a single point of failure. For example if a harddrive containing the database crashed, or there was an earthquake near that reduced the infrastructure to rubble, it would still exist because the database is distributed across many different computers in the network, across many different geo's.

BUT, this does NOT mean it's decentralized!

For example, if DLive was decenralized, do you think they could just pack up their bags and hop chains overnight like they did??

Absolutely Not.

This is one of the reasons I'm planning to spend less time posting on steem, and more time posting on Instagram and IGTV.

Because they are both highly centralized, so I might as well post on the platform with a ton more people so I can build a much bigger list of followers. That and the people here are afraid to disagree on anything because they might impact their future earnings. It's kinda like being surrounded by politicians which I hate.

Anyway, that's a bit of a side topic, more on that in the next post...

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It is always a pleasure to read more than one point of view. I like to read and comment on your articles, both because of your truth, and because of your...

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The blockchains are decentralized, the apps quite often are not.
While Steemit is a centralized frontend. You can read all posts you make on any frontend you like. That makes this process very decentralized. Since steemit, busy or steempeak could not just found their own blockchain and take the data with them. Dlive was centralized since they stored all their videos on their own chain.

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Read https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@inventor16/satoshi-never-used-the-word-decentralized-in-the-bitcoin-whitepaper-he-used-peer-to-peer

If @steem or @steemit were both hacked or taken control of the entire steem blockchain is at risk. How do you call that decentralized?

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I read the bitcoin whitepaper several times and yes it says "peer to peer" and not decentralized.

Nevertheless, the technology is decentralized by relying on consensus and not on a central element.
If you'd hack the central element of facebook you can do whatever you want. And since this central element is even replicated you only have to hack one of them since no consensus between them is required.

Bitcoin is far from the vision of "peer to peer" of Nakamoto because of the mining pools which centralizes power again.

Now, steem is a relatively new blockchain, this means it will need a while until the steempower is more distributed to the community.

At the moment it is still very centralized due to the big stake and influence the company has.

At this moment it is up to the community to work on decentralizing it further. Of course, if no one takes the responsibility and everyone says "I prefer having no right what-so-ever in the network I engage in" that's their right. But then they should not complain about the missing decentralization as well.

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Amen ! Iโ€™m with you on this !

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Yes, in this world you see a lot .. Thank you for sharing this information it is always good to know everything about the blockchain and the people that we develop in this world. Greetings and my respects my support.

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omg he used the dl-word... Shame on you! :P

I agree with you but
-> it depends on the point of view of the spectator.

dTube for example

  • it uses the steem blockchain for storing their post data (in the json_metadata of the post) -> steem blockchain = decentralized

  • uses ipfs which is decentralized but just really decentralized for the user
    if the video is stored and pinned on more than just the dtube ipfs node -> could be decentralized for the viewer - if the creator itself decided so

  • uses a website which is stored and runned on one webserver -> not really decentralized - even if there is a failsave solution with a second or third server

If the website is down -> yeah thats bad

if the dtube ipfs node is down AND you use the ipfs of @onenlovedtube or others to store your video -> your video is still playable because it is stored on the decentralized ipfs

I dont know if this makes sense for you but I think the word "decentralized" is overrated / missused a bit. The parts of a service can be centralized and decentralized (like dtube).

Now the confusing part with a mind experiment:

If you look out of the box and see the internet on our planet
-> the whole internet would be centralized because if the earth explodes the whole internet will be gone and all the data stored on it.

If you see a raid6 server -> is this "decentralized" just because you have a failsave solution ? I dont think so.

I am confused and I dont know what word is better for decentralized services - but the common image is wrong (like you have said it) and dApps are mostly not fully decentralized (but in some functionalities they are)


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my big issue with the dapps-apps except what you mentioned, is the automation that provide to users. I get it that automation makes our life easier but people don't always maintain a balance. Because everything is revolved around these apps now and gathered a lot of sp, as natural people will get attracted by them and start using them in the hope of getting some rewards. That's also happening because they see that by just making posts, nobody actually reads them and their effort go to waste.

So wouldn't be easier to just insta upload a post with the steps you did today (that nobody cares) and get rewarded from it?

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the words keep coming out now its all about dapps