NESTREE (Cryptocurrency chat)

28일 전

Hello, esteem readers, I bring to you another discovery today: Nestree
I discovered Nestree on Reviewhunt, you can also join me by registering on Reviewhunt with my link


Communication is key to development and achievement of our goals in life. That's why the developer created Nestree, to help bring people together. Different community in one place.

It's easy to add your community to Nestree and also easy to join communities. You can search and join various communities.


Nestree also has the private chat option, where users can chat directly with friends. It also serves as a private chatting medium for friends and family.

Nestree wallet


Nestree has created a Cryptocurrency wallet within its app. This will help users send and receive coins easily from their communities and friends.
You wallet is safe and can be retrieved via wallet passphrase. Please save your paraphrase in a secured location.


Download on Playstore

Download on IOS

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I just joined, it is nice

I am really enjoying the Nestree platform


Great community with great people

the app is dope, i will get it thanks


That's cool dear