Ash's Wicked Weapons [Darklands]


If it doesn't tear through your foes with ease, it isn't Ash-made.

Want some groovy weapons? Pay a visit to Ash's, and be sure you hail to the chief. Wouldn't want you to miss out on the latest and greatest S-Mart deals.

Located exclusively in the Silvery Marsh of the @darklands.

Blacksmith of Silvery Marsh

My forge is hot and ready to make all kinds of arms and armor.

Gimmie 5 resources of your choice, plus the cost of the materials, and I'll craft you any item from the list below.

Same-day delivery, no extra charge!


Unique Class WeaponsDamageCost
+5 Spike Club (Barbarian)45 w 5 iron 1 gem
+6 Hunters bow (Ranger)330 w 3 iron 5 silver
+7 Master Hunters Bow (Ranger)360 w 10 iron 15 silver 1 gem
+8 Improved Hunters Bow (Ranger)4120 w 20 iron 30 silver 2 gem
+8 Scimitar (Rogue)320 w 10 iron 10 siv
+9 Improved Scimitar (Rogue)420 w 10 iron 10 siv 2 gem
+8 Dagger (Rogue)25 w 5 iron 10 silv 1 gem
+10 Improved Dagger (Rogue)25 w 10 iron 10 silver 1 gem
+5 Heavy Spear (short range, Ranger)440w 10 iron 10 siv 1 gem
+3 Blunderbuss (short range, Tank)410 w 15 iron 10 siv 1 gem
Melee WeaponsDamageCost
+4 Stone Sword*25 w 5 s
+5 Iron Sword*25 w 3 iron
+3 Stone Hammers/Ax*35 w 10 s
+5 Iron Hammers/Ax*35 w 5 iron
+3 Stone Warhammer* (two-hand)520 w 20 s
+4 Stone Battle Ax* (two-hand)420 w 20 s
+4 Spear* (short range)220 w 10 s
+5 Master Spear* (short range)320 w 3 iron 5 silver
Range WeaponsDamageCost
+4 Bow*210 w
+3 Crossbow420 w 2 iron
+3 Improved Crossbow820 w 2 iron 5 siv
+1 Ring02 iron 1 gem
+1 Amulet02 iron 1 gem
+1 Bone Amulet (Barbarian)210 iron 1 gem
(+2 Ranged) Eye of Accuracy (Ranger)-5 iron 1 gem
+0 Spiked Animal Companion Collar21 hide 3 iron 1 gem
+1 Leather Animal Companion Collar11 hide 3 iron 1 gem
Magical WeaponsMelee DamageMagic DamageExtra SpellsCost
+5 Staff (two-hand, Wizard)2+0-20 w 5 silver 1 gem
+3 Wizard Wand2+0-20 w 2 iron 1 gem
+5 Staff (Cleric)4+0-20 w 5 silver 1 gem
+3 Wizard Wand2+0-20 w 2 iron 1 gem
+6 Improved Staff (Wizard)2+2-20 w 20 silver 2 gem
+6 Improved Staff (Cleric)6+0120 w 20 silver 2 gem
Magical AccessoriesSpell HitMagic DamageExtra SpellsCost
Ring of Healing (Cleric)+2+1-5 iron 1 gem
Jew Harp (Bard)+1+1-5 iron 1 gem

Improved Weapons

giphy 1.gif

(*) next to an item means I can spiff it up with a gemstone for more damage.

Improved Weapons deal the best damage. Master Weapons have the best hit accuracy. Shake it up and the Improved Master Weapons deal the best hit accuracy and damage for that weapon type.

Improved weapons have +2 damage thanks to the gemstone.

Throw in a gemstone and 5 silver to the total cost. Leave the magic incantations to me.





Research List

Specialty Weapons need time and money to be properly researched by scientists. Various weapons still require more time and energy to fully unlock the secrets of how they are made.

  • Iron Warhammer
  • Improved Iron Warhammer
  • Iron Battle Ax (Barbarian)
  • Improved Iron Battle Ax (Barbarian)
  • Improved Spike Club (Barbarian)
  • Master Long Sword (Cleric)
  • Improved Master Long Sword (Cleric)
  • Improved Heavy Spear (Short Range)(Ranger)
  • Improved Master Cross Bow
  • Panpipes (Bard)
  • Lute (Bard)
  • Cleric Wand
  • Improved Wizard Wand

Think I should research one of these a little quicker? Do ya?



About Ash's Wicked Weapons


Formerly a top associate of S-Mart, Ash now calls Silvery Marsh his home, in the black heart of the @darklands.

Ash is a master of improvised weapons and tactical fighting when things get ugly.


After traversing both time and space, an unlocking the unholy secrets of the dimension of the dead, Ash aspires to use his unique set of talents to make the world a better place. Charismatic, bold, and a special blend of creative spark are the key ingredients that make Ash tick. That's how he is able to come up with new diabolical weapon ideas with ease.


After saving the world multiple times from being devoured by soul-sucking minions of darkness, Ash now has decided to hang-up the chainsaw and live a more redeeming life by selling hardware.

Although Ash is no longer interested in the life of an adventurer, perhaps one day adventure will crawl back and find him. His Boom-Stick will always be waiting.



Gif images are all from

Cover image photo designed by @creativetruth.

Game details created by @darklands.

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Silvery Marsh is my colony home in the #Darklands.

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(ooc) What movie are those gifs from?


Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3).

I needed a boomstick, haven't touched my airgun for a really long time now arrgh.

boom stick..hmm i ideas


Hehe. Yeah, I was thinking of some kind of a new class as I looked at Ash's unique weapons and fighting style. A gun that instant kills when he gets a lucky headshot. A metal hand that keeps him alive even after she should already be dead. A chainsaw so dangerous in its sweep attacks, he can only use it solo because it would harm everyone around him. Dimensional Crusader?

Updates (April 29, 2019):

  • Added "two-handed" text for wizard staff.
  • Added Wizard Wand.
  • Revised Ring of Healing (Cleric) and Jew Harp (Bard).
  • Created table for Magical Accessories.
  • Added Blunderbuss (Tank).
  • Revised list of items needing research.
  • Re-organized all non-magical class weapons under the Unique Class Weapons table.