Quest post week thirty two: Ogers (part seven/ loot post)


@methus , @hhayweaver team up on the wolf. @happyme, maxwell and @cyber.explorer trying to take down the cheften oger. but blaze bit is the one ho get down the oger. @stever82 and gob start to collekting all the weponds and burning the bodys just in case.


@hhayweaver ses the Cleric staff and hes helmet, he is taking it.
the rest of the colonists is trying to figure out. rest of the loot. the cross bows has been damage a bit, but they still working. around the rock they find a shipment of wheat and silver the oger has stolen. gob is leving them and going to deliver the good news to the big rock clan.

all colonists gets (except @hhayweaver if you want something else you need to let go of they loot you are given)

  • 1x +5 cross bow (ranger) 6 dam (one to cyber.explorer)
  • 3x (+3 war hammer two hands 5 dam) (one to stever82)
  • 1x boots studded hide armor (one to stever82)
  • 2x leggings studded hide armor
  • 2x chest studded hide armor
  • 2x helmet studded hide armor
    -10x Silver and x8 wheat each
  • '1 Greater Healing potion to each

@hhayweaver (+5 Cleric staff (Cleric) 4 dam)(cleric helmet 4 armor +1 hit) x8 wheat

Darkland wiki

Overview over all Colones and Quest Rules.


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1x +5 cross bow (ranger) 6 dam (one to cyber.explorer) - TAKEN
3x (+3 war hammer two hands 5 dam) (one to stever82) - TAKEN
1x boots studded hide armor (one to stever82) - TAKEN
2x leggings studded hide armor - ONE set left for me.
2x chest studded hide armor - ONE set left for me.
2x helmet studded hide armor - ONE set left for me.
-10x Silver and x8 wheat each - EACH.
'1 Greater Healing potion to each - EACH.

Looks like I get to take whatever is left over. More items for my shop. Actually, that's still a pretty good loot.


not its own way..noted. it was a warhammer left to a added it in..or a think a did. you have two of them now..if you had two before a out in one early in the morning over here lol


You are absolutely correct. I counted Stever twice when looking at the number of war hammers taken. There was a war hammer left over as well. I was in a rush to take the dog for a walk. I'm baby-sitting a Standard Poodle for 2 weeks and have even more responsibilities now. It is a good thing that I'm almost finished with reporting income-tax for 3 people and 3 businesses. I'm hoping to get that job finished today.

Including the other things given, I will take 1 crossbow.


good its been added on your colonye

  ·  작년

I'll take a studded hide armor set and a warhammer.


oo my bad how the loot was described you can take 3 weponds/ armor a have made it more clear now.
so the warhammer and chest,and and one more part then?

  ·  작년

Helmet please


I will take a helmet a war hammer and boots unless anyone else wants the boots then give me whatever is left

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good..its been added

As I pick up the staff I can feel some kind of power radiating from it, same with the helmet. I've got to get these back to the colony for further study.


;) a have added the Cleric tempel in the all the colonists teck tree. and a have unlocked it for you.

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