The Darkland seeking new players paying gold for your Participation


by joining the game now your first 3 week you will get 3 gold per week just comment bellow

by just spending a few min every week you get a stable up vote on all your post it do not matter how much or little SP you have. not a bad trade a most say

Current players

if a current player is Recruit a new player you will get 3 gold the next 3 week to per player

(on one condition the new player needs to do their turn)

Gold is and currency you get ingame. by trading in your gold you can get 100% up votes (+- 0.15$) or @steembasicincome Shares. by doing your weekly comment you will get one gold in your colony

to jone just make a comment below. all players gets a base up vote 30% on your posts
and comments up voted. after your colony gets 5 workers to your colony the up vote is increases by 6% per worker. by delegating you can get more worker fast by just delegating 80 SP you get 4 workers. as and example
to understand the more of the darklands give it a read Tutorial

or jump in the discord or comment and ask away.
'question is part of the game and appreciated

To make your start a bit better you will get more Resources then before and extra worker and weapon and armor the fireplace as a start building. here is how your first turn will be
you need to expect miss spelling in the post. I am a dyslexic and en English is not my main language. part of the charm. ;)

@norwegianbikeman and his worker is arriving from on a ship he has little resources with him. a sword and a hide armor. when landing a shore they two of them is starting the journey to find a place they can call home. they find them self in a valley its a small river Swings in the woods they see some fish in the river and find a opening next to it and settles down. the worker is making a fire place.

Resources Phase:
SP Delegated: 0 SP (zero worker)
Silver workers one (next one 5 silver)
Wood 8 (-1 fireplace)
Stone 6
meat 5 (-1 worker)
Silver 5
Gold 1
Cloudberry pie 1

Colony conditions:
Current Modifiers: missing bed

Weapons (+4 iron sword 2 dam)(+4 bow 2 dam)

Armor(+1 hide boots)(+1 hide leggings)(+2 hide chest)(+1 hide helmet)

Items(+1 Ring)

Production Buildings (all building in the colony file etc more info)

  • Fireplace (using 1 wood per turn)

Colony Phase:
you have one worker you can move him around
0 Lumberjack;0 Forager;0 Miner;0 Builder;

u can build building if u have the materials and a workers/player to do it.
Bivouac/Bed 5 wood 3 stone
Research bench 10 wood (unlocking the teck tree and new worker type)

Discovered the immediate area (easy)
Gold prospector (easy)
Hunting (medium)
Region Occupy see the Region text (under the outpost)

more links

The latest colony post

Overview over all Colones. and quest Rules

how workers are working update here is the post on the matter.

new armor classes

hope to see you there. you need the darklands and a need you


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This seems like a good bit of fun, I'd like to join in :^)

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welcome the colony post is coming in a few hours you will have your start there. and be tag in there to.

just ask away if you have any questions. or give the tutorial a small read.

I'd like to join. I was recruited by @ecoinstant.


perfect welcome..:) if you like a can put you inn now or on the next turn in a "weeks time" up to you.:)


Now is good. Can I hire a lumberjack and put him to work?


ok now you are in the main post you are the last one on the bottom

if you have any questing just ask. a need to go to bed now but. yes you can hire a lumberjack :) and you are starting whit a worker to. so easy start. a added you to the auto upvote to.

Is It possible to start to partecipate from now?
Thank you!

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hi @moncia90!
As I just wrote to another new player.

@darklands it is an easy game to play. You basically start on a random price of land with a small amount of resources, like food, wood, stone, iron, etc... and then you decide what to do with them once a week.

The more stuff you gather and collect, the more you can do and build in this world. So start simple and try to interact with the other colonists to barter for the things you need (and ask questions). And then jump into the additional questing and role-playing, as you get more comfortable with how the game works. This is a 'learn as you go' kind of came.

You can put any amount of effort you want into this game from simple to complex. You Don't have to worry about what the other players are doing, just do what you want to do (and the GM will let you know what is possible).


Well, I think that I should understand better what is the platform where we play, how I can play and other stuff. Do you have a post with more details?
Thank you @cyber.explorer and @darklands

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I will take a look there!

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welcome. yes it is or in 10 hours or so a need to go to work on in 40min :) am relpy here and tag you when you are inn. :)


so now @moncia90 you are in the game a put you second to last in the post.

and you has been added to the auto upvote 2 post a day gets a 30% up vote from me.

look forward to seeing you do your comment. :) and just ask if you have any questions

Welcome to the new participants! I hope you enjoy your new colony. We are a friendly bunch and try to help out our fellow colonists. However, we are not so friendly to the Snake Clan, undead, ogres, and some goblins. Heck, we even fought off a pumkin-lord. Lots of fun and adventures here!


a yes good old pumkin-lord :)

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