The Darklands.


@methus is casting a lightning bolt it hits Moldred...from the flank @happyme and next to him Diamond is on the way. @happyme gets a good hit inn a second lightning bolt hits next to Moldred. Diamond is common she swinging her battle ax. its cutting him in two parts...The smoke evaporate, on the ground next to them just a cape and some bones..and a green rock is shining up the only think left from moldered is the Amulet of the dead. its few undead left
@hhayweaver, David, @cyber.explorer and Maxwell attacking them @stever82 is joining as well. Frank is taking care of one undead next to him but they notes the undead are die on they own. it sems when moldred got killet they rest of them lots ther power and went back to been dead.


Moldred fortress is silent @enjoycompany ,@ecoinstant, Paige , @mastergerund and @enosh has started removing all the dead to bee sure they are burning all the bodys. gunnar take the Amulet of the dead and crushes it. this time he will destroyed it so moldred can not return.gob and gunnar is taking parts of the amulet back whit then to hide them away form each other. they burning Moldred whitout the rest of the undeads and burying ashes. they colonists are searching through the fortress see if they find something off value but its just broken and empty. but they are just to give up. they find a chest. in side its a roll of paper. it saying: 100% up votes for all current players in the darkland (up to a need to power then in will go down).

The colonists are going back to there colonies. the goblins are going home. finaly thes plase feel like home after Moldred was killed. the sun feels brighter. birds are singing. around @creativetruth colonye Big jake finding a few dead animales and human's they burning them. and messengers is coming by Moldred is dead the undeads are defeated. he has a part 100% up votes to give him the messengers is spredding the news to rest of the colonists @ligayagardener , @stuffbyspencer


The snake clan has heard of the defeat of the moldred the lich king. the have agreed to a peace treaty. they has been attacked by the undead to, and have forgiven one colonists of killing the son of the chief and stolen his axe "fang" from now they will open trade to this part of the land. the sun is setting in the darkland. its finaly silent.


I want to thank you all to have been playing my game. its been super interesting time for me 37 colony posts a can believe it me with my dyslexia how a made it work. but a few weeks a go. it was being more clear to me a had to let it go, am going back to school soon and am currently working a 100% job and life its self, just no time to do it anymore. but a wanted to end it by defeating moldred.
as a bonus am going to max the up vote to all of you. until I need it but a think you will always get a up vote from this account. am proud of have gifted 88 SBI units in total to the players.

Thanks for your Delegation but you can Remove them now if you like and put it to good use
your workers what to stay for free in your colonies :)


The future of the account

The up vote minder. am going to start a very small service/ game called the up vote miner

it will bee focus on a minimal of effort 1-5 min to get and up vote on your comments. and a way to "level up" your account to get a bigger up vote on your posts.

You will be working in a mine and its going to be a map where you can choose where you want to go
and mine a resource of and up vote on the comment. or get XP to level up. your account. maby its and option to get gold as before to buy SBI units, but this is not been decide just yet.

Delegations a option to delegate to increasing the voting power the plan here is the ask for quite large amount of Sp and pay out the earning of the posts and large up votes to the backers of the game.

and post will soon come on the up vote miner.


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oh man, I'm so sorry I missed this post!

Life has been rather hectic for me recently & I hadn't gotten around to checking in on here!

Thank you so much for running this game!

It was quite a bit of fun, and while I'm sad to see it end, I totally understand the need to make more time in your day.

Go enjoy life!

Looking forward to the next game you create! I hope you have fun and, once again, thank you. You did an excellent job on GM-ing this for all of us :^) 💜💜

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ty...:) it was so many posts in the end there so its was good to have you. :)
hopfully my new one will come soon am just super busy in life atm.

Man this was a lot of fun to take part in thank you. For sure I get it. It was hard for me to find time to play this and I know it took you way more time to make it. If anyone else wants to take the mantle might be a idea to let them but I get it all the way if you want to keep it. I will watch for the miner post before I remove my delegation. Take care

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I spent some time thinking about the possibility of someone taking over the game and even considered how to make keeping track of everything easier. I came up with simply using a spreadsheet to track all the data with fields that would automatically take care of doing the math when items are traded. The post would be greatly condensed by linking to the spreadsheet instead of listing everyone's stuff for each colony. I don't know if it would work, but that's the general idea. Each colony would be on its own tab in the spreadsheet and there would be links for trades to the other tabs. So if you were to give me 4 fish, that would deduct 4 from you and add 4 to mine all automatically. Players would have read/write access to the spreadsheet to edit their own trades with the GM watching over the changes. I THINK it could be done, but I'm not sure.


yes am its possible. have been thinking the same. and on someone taking over the game to. only a had the time, the new game is a test how little work a need to do.


Now that I'm not playing Darklands, I'm actually getting some projects started. Today I began making a 3-shelf storage unit from strips of hardwood flooring.


hehhe....nice ye its funny how much time a spend on it. it was eating in my time with my bike training. so now a can realy get in good shape..:)


cool am. appreciate it. am thinking hard to make it worth your time. and mine. not sure how atm lol...but it will bee clear in a few days. yes a been spending a crays amount of time on it. a dident mine before. summer and work, it became another job and time to let it go..

Oh no, so sad to see the game end. @norwegianbikeman Thank you so much for putting all the effort into this game. I have had a lot of fun playing. Please tag me for your mining game. For now I'll leave the delegation in place to help with the future game. I will mostly miss my interaction with all my fellow colonist, hope to see you all around the steem chain in the future.
David has decided to stay in the colony the the others and minister to this new found peace. There will most assuredly be a lot of hard feeling and confrontations that could use the wisdom and healing of a priest of the Lord. As for me I will mount my trusty steed and ride into the sunset looking for adventure in other lands.


Funny to day a had all this spar time. was not sure what to do lol.
David is going to build a great temple for sure. will do on the tag. :)

By the way, excellent writing @darklands. I really enjoyed the fact that you tied things together with a cozy bit of resolution for everyone to appreciate, in terms of roleplay storyline.

If ya don't mind, I think I will share one last roleplay in the spirit of the #darklands.

Anyone else who wants to share a final roleplay story, be sure to use the #darklands tag. I will definitely be watching this tag for sharing upvotes with my fellow colonists.


a yes a love it. your comment has always been a joy to read. a like whit the story's are coming..:) 10/10

No hard feelings. Congrats on carving out a bright new future. Traversing The Darklands was no easy feat, but no regrets.

Interested in continuing to support with my delegation. I believe the upvote service has been a great benefit to many, and the SBI shares have been helpful.

Perhaps we can support similar gaming communities here on Steem once in a while, with upvotes from this account.

I will miss being able to interact with other players in a game strategy format, with the aim always being for progressive growth and building relational alliances.


yes a like the ide to do gaming promotions. from it got and ide to on my new game to do and "shout out a friend promotions" every week one player get and options to make a small introduction of somebody else or them self in the post and a good vote from me. ty on the continuing delegation if you post a lot its a good idea.

thank you for been the second player to jone the game back in the day :)


I promised @cyber.explorer that I would return the Studded Hide Boots when I no longer needed them and I like to keep my word. Since there is now peace in the Darklands and the Snake Clan have declared a truce, I no longer have need for armor and I return the boots to @cyber.explorer with thanks. He/she was very generous in offering them to me as a gift. I just didn't feel right in taking something so valuable and considered it a loan which has now been returned. It was great fun battling along side you, @cyber.explorer and I'm sorry I can no longer provide you with iron because our delivery service has been disbanded. I think Diamond and I will leave our colony to the workers and we will hire out as travelling mercenaries. Diamond just loves killing and I'm starting to enjoy it too. It is time for a change...


a think your colony will prospector when you and Diamond are gone. the Studded Hide Boots has been delivered back.


Thanks! The workers are good workers and intelligent. I agree that they will prosper without us.

A special thanks to you @norwegian bikeman for you monumental efforts with this game, it's been awesome. Thanks also to all the colonists for your individual contributions, friendship and patience with me learning how to do an rpg game. I've really enjoyed it and will take part in the miners posts please tag us to everyone

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no ty its been a pleasure. a lot of work yes but its been nice non the less. a will tag all of you. :)


So sad to say goodbye to @Darklands, will really miss it. Hope we can all meet again elsewhere on the blockchain.☠🤺

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Awe... I was wondering what was going to happen to all the great gear everyone got to grab at the start of this quest. I figured that all future quests would be harder and require the better armor. I'm so sad to see the game shutting down.

Of course, I can fully understand how this game must have taken an enormous amount of your time to keep track of each player's moves AND their equipment, plus all the work of the workers!

I feel good about having Diamond be the one to kill off Mordred; perhaps subconsciously I knew something was about to happen to this game because I felt it was important to be the one who takes him out. I had no idea why I felt that way. Now it makes sense.

If you are curious about Diamond and why she was giggling when she killed the first ogre: it was because she killed him before. That ogre was an old boyfriend of hers who betrayed her, so now she got to kill him TWICE!

Good luck in your studies!

Perhaps you will have enough time to come play my games again? I've added a bit more of a story now.

I'll leave my delegation where it is for now and see how it can work into your new mining game. If it takes a while to start it up, please do tag us so that we will know to look for it.

Thanks for hosting the Darklands; it was a lot of fun to be part of it.


heheh..yes a love Diamond she was a nice addition on the end there, a moved you up the last turn so you where in range to take him out since you where the most active in the quest. and Diamond got the last hit. was justice to all the imprison Ogers out there, maby they are peaceful. a will see on your game cant promise anything. now a need a brake and live up to my steemit name of bikman. out riding every day.

Farewell! It has been fun.


thank you for being the first game to accept to jone. :)

An amazing project/idea comes to an end!!!
Unfortunelly I came here only a few time ago and not from the beginning.
I want to thank @norwegianbikeman for his great work and I hope to find something of similar on Steem Blockchain. It will be really har!!!
Thank you guys to make this adventure amazing! ✌️😉

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Darklands was great!

We here at @postplaygames have some RPG's that you could be interested in 😉


Thanks...maby a will..:)


I hope to find something of similar on Steem

Check out my game to see if that is something you might like.


Thanks. a feel a bit bad for you putting in all the time to understand the "interesting" gaming system am ended up whit. and you been in here for so a short time. a feel your colonye will do well now. and you will get a better up vote. :)

What will happen for the Steem delegated for workers?

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· can take it back or let it stay up to ypu. :) am up voting all of you. 90% atm.


I'll let it stay with you for a while. You're a lit more active than me. Let me know when you change things and I'll take it back then

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cool am making a new "minigame" to its comming soon then we can see..:)

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for making the great effort to keep it all running so well.

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Thanks :)

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