Why you need VPN's to stay safe with OPSEC online!

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Do you know what's more worrying than Edward Snowden's release from a few years ago about the NSA's privacy breaches? The fact that it's happening on a larger scale, exponentially growing every single month since that whistleblowing announcement. Our privacy is under attack! OPSEC isn't just a word for the tech-savvy anymore, it's absolutely necessary to the very brim for most average citizens.

For one reason: Whether or not you care about your data today, one day there WILL be far-reaching consequences of your actions online. With more hackings of sensitive info coming out each year, it's getting increasingly difficult to protect oneself on the internet. Run a social media page or a blog? Are you a fan of my channel, and are signed in through YouTube? Great, you just have lowered your protection. Which is fine... as long as you are aware.

If so, what can be done to help secure oneself and improve their OPSEC? VPNs. You guys know, Virtual Private Networks. One of the most handy-dandy tools one can have online. They change your IP address by using proxies around the world.

That's all fine you might add... but why do I need to pay for one? Especially a few dollars! Well, I might counter that it's ONLY a few dollars to hide your identity. You can use a VPN to show the servers of the websites you're on that you're in Switzerland, when really you're logging in from Germany.

Paid VPN's are so much more effective than free proxies. Any criminal can do something illegal using the same IP address that you'd be utilizing for your work! So be smart and get safe with a VPN today!

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I wonder what VPN Edward Snowden uses... Asking for a friend