20$ in Dash for free!!

3년 전

If anyone, needs a reason to try the fast and anonymous cryptocurrency Dash here is your chance.

I recommend Jaxx Wallet for IOS and Android or the famous Exodus Wallet for desktop/laptop

www. Exodus.io

If you have any questions about Dash, please comment, I will get back to you.

Happy Steeming!

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I think this girl will do better than ABJ. And the coin is not bad at all 😜 😝


Nice try, but I am fully committed to Steem and Dash (&Amanda) 😉


I have nothing to do with the coin and I have nothing against Dash nor Amanda. I just don't like the unprepared way that Amanda approaches her audience; it's like she leaves everything to her looks and charm, and that's not a solid base for a great coin like Dash nor a great corporation like Dash to be represented.
Just my opinion!


No problem and totally cool with what you say.
I have watched quite a lot of videos from Amanda and in my opinion she simply does a great job to explain cryptocurrency to an audience from beginner level and also sophisticated level.
I mean she is hired by the Dash community and actually a core member and of course fully commited and therefore trying hard to advertise and marketing Dash.
From my investor point of view: Great!