Dashpay Magazine: TigoCTM Envisions A Bright Future For Dash

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Ever since TigoCTM decided to add Dash support to their ATM machines, the cryptocurrency community has been filled with excitement. Getting Dash into the hands of as many people as possible is the ultimate goal, and these ATM devices will help make that dream come true. But TigoCTM sees a very bright future for this anonymity-focused cryptocurrency, otherwise they wouldn’t have added it in the first place.

Steady Development Will Win The Race

In this day and age of innovation and progression, cryptocurrency developers have to be on their toes at all times. Dash is one of the few cryptocurrencies seeing a steady development since the day it was introduced to the world. Moreover, its performance has not been diminished by any of the new updates, and there is a vibrant community supporting this currency.

What sets Dash apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to TigoCTM, is how it manages to hold a steady price despite volatility in other crypto markets. Additionally, the currency’s internal governance model is much more robust than Bitcoin’s political infighting, which hampers development and growth.

People who demand fast, secure, and private transactions, should look no further than Dash. While this project is not the only cryptocurrency aiming to provide those qualities, it has certain advantages over others. For instance, over half of the available coin supply is tied up in Masternode investments, which has helped stabilize the market price per Dash.

All of this has helped TigoCTM make the decision to integrate Dash into their cryptocurrency teller machines. Exchanging cash to DASH is the best way to gain mainstream adoption for this cryptocurrency. Now that all of TigoCTM’s machines provide that functionality, new capital can flow into the Dash ecosystem over time.

James Ryan Moreau of TigoCTM states it as follows:
“Dash integrated CTM’s are a gateway for anyone, almost anywhere to have access to an array of financial services usually only associated with communities where big banks do business. Now with very little overhead and a simple internet connection, Dash CTM’s offer the businesses and unbanked individuals of the world to freely manage and have custody over their digital assets.”

Granted, this is not the first cryptocurrency to be integrated into the company’s devices. But there are other factors which make the decision worthwhile. Speed and privacy matter to many people, and Bitcoin cannot provide that utility right now. Moreover, the lack of privacy in both Bitcoin and Ethereum makes people more hesitant to buy cryptocurrency from a vending machine, whereas Dash can solve that problem.

Written by JP Buntuinx | http://dashpaymagazine.com/index.php/2016/08/04/tigoctm-envisions-bright-future-dash/

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Dash has risen massively within last months. I have been always wondering why. I kept checking the news but couldn't find anything worth of such rise within it's recent development???


Dash is the slow and steady riser. Other cryptos rise and fall around it, and Dash stays steady. There is a solid development roadmap and the financial means and decision making mechanisms to achieve its goals in a timely manner. Development brings higher valuation, which brings more development, which brings higher valuation, repeat.


Oh I see. Thank you for update

You make a great point that without developers, a network won't move forward. The last I looked, Dash has over 50 developers working on it, which relative to other cryptocurrencies, is a big team. If it continues to attract talent and it continues to incentivize its network, I believe that Dash will become one of the greatest. The big key is what infrastructure it develops for its currency over the next few years.