Steemit Giveaway: 9MH/s PinIdea X11 Mini Miner

5년 전

Its a new month and we are giving away an X11 miner. This our first giveaway on this platform and we hope you like it.


Leave a comment below about X11 mining or this giveaway

Thats it, do this and you could win a miner.

Product Description

HashRate: 9M(±5%)
Power: 1.4A/5V @ 9M(include 5v fan)
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 3cm
Interface: Micro USB
Fan Size: Dual Ball Ultra-quiet
DU1 Status : One active Led and RX/TX Led
Operating temperature : -15℃~55℃
Mining Software: CGminer (Windows/Linux/Raspbian)
Attention: run high speeds, you need to use an external power supply USB hub

Currently testing time: 37days
Currently testing pool: p2pool and stratum(
HW error: 0.1%

What is X11?

X11 is the name of a chained hashing algorithm, which is used for the ‘Proof of Work’ calculations which secure the network of some cryptocurrencies. It is known as a chained algorithm because it uses 11 different algorithms which are chained together. These are: blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, and echo. It has been ASIC-resistant and suitable for both CPU mining and GPU mining until this year. The biggest and most popular of all X11 coins is Dash (Digital Cash). There are over 5 cryptocurrencies that use this algorithm.

Keep calm and steem on!

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Nice idea. Please edit the post when you close the giveaway or people will keep commenting forever :)

can it mine Steem Power????


No, Steem mining uses a different, unique algorithm.


I would like to enter myself in the giveaway for the x-11 miner :)

Winner will be announced at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday Thank you.

Power consumption and security are two of the most important concerns in Crypto mining and X11 is trying to take Crypto in that direction but it has a long way to go.

Been mining darkcoin ever since cpu only, have followed their development over the years and would love an x11 miner for some more dash! :)

I'm entering This giveaway because Steemit has given me the confidence to finally enter the crypto markets. By learning how to use Steemit, I've been able to assimilate more information regarding mining, pools, hash rates, and what it all means to the little guy (me).

I'd love to get into mining, and this giveaway would be the incentive to make that entrance. Steemit also got me into Java where id never done that before. Great giveaway!

X11 so does this mean it will run linux? ;)


Yeah, here I thought X11 was the 11th version of the X Window System :)
Either way, I could really use a proper miner, since I am currently mining at a whopping 60H/s (or 0.00006M).

How much is this mini miner if someone wants to buy it? (I rather take it as a gift of course) ;-)

I would love to win that , I used to be very involved in mining coins in there first stages , but then that hobby soon died out.

Where do I sign up? lol Oh year right here in the comments.This is a cool give away. When are you giving it away?

I hope I win @dashpaymag . I used to mine bitcoin. I was a Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin and Peercoin miner. Here was one of my many rigs. Thanks.
full $TEEM ahead!
I want to mine again!!

Nice Giveaway. I was thinking of giving away my Star Citizen account!

I think it was the right decision for DASH not to fight against tech progress ie X11 ASICs :)
This particular ASIC looks rather outdated comparing to Baikal mini from one of your latest post, especially in terms of MH/s per 1 W :(

Hmm X11 miner? Sound good, though if there are oth

It's very nice to see more X11 mining rigs out now.

I would love a chance to get back into physical mining :)
I used to run 5 GPU rigs back in 2013-14 and it was a complete knightmare haha but i loved it. X11 with a little device like this :) win win

This wuld runn good, in cold Norway :)

why not!

You can min Goldblocks (GB) with it and get the needed coins to get real Goldbars.

See here :

Send your miners this way, I am certain this claim has a rich vein.

Wow, I want this baby!
Is it sold anywhere yet?

I'm completely new to this, this mining sounds very interesting and is something i will start looking into right away! Does anyone know if mini miners like this for sale? And what would be the price of such a miner?

x11 Miner giveaway? Sign me up! I made the mistake years ago of putting all of money for mining into scrypt rigs. I've reached ROI on them, but anymore with the cost of electricity and lack of quality scrypt coins its not feasible to run them. I deeply regret not building a GPU rig :(

I would love a little X11 miner, haven't done any in a couple years, burned out to many CPU's and GPU's :)

Have an upvote while I'm at it. Giveaways are always fun.

Dropping a like merely to enter the contest. although I do enjoy the content you leave here on steemit as well, keep that shit up!

I am for years in crypto now but could never afford something to mine. Would be great to have an entry point with this giveaway :)

I'd love to run a dedicated steem miner. I recently repurposed my VPS miner into a phabricator instance because it wasn't cranking out that many hashes.

Edit: I don't know if $STEEM supports X11, but I'm assuming not. I wonder if this puppy could mine Zcash?


nice ! how long could it take to mine
for it
to pay itself back ?
is there an arm cpu next to the cpld ? or no OS, just crunch !

YAY x11 - my dash miner is in storage - i might haave to get it plugged back in

Forget this you can mine eth or etc with a gpu and make way more..

Oh em gee, it's adorable!

How do I get?

im desperate give me x11 miner!

I like your X11. Please be mine.

If i win it do i have to pay for delivery costs as i live in South Africa xD

I have always been looking into mining, but I always find it too complicated to go into right now.. So hopefully this will give me a kickstart ;)

  ·  5년 전

Now that asic has come to X11, the profitability of GPU mining of X11 has disappeared. If you want to mine X11, your gonna need an asic rig like the one in this giveaway.

This seems like a rather promising looking product! I think smaller miners are more aesthetically attractive anyway.

Mine me up, baby!!

A miner you say? Low power consumption you say?

Sounds great!


You are the winner of the miner. Please send us an email

One day, when steem reaches the point of saturation, we will need these X11 miners to mine through the shit posts.

wow, very generous! Me wantee!!

I wanna be a billionaire.... uh I mean I wanna be an x11 miner please!

WOW. that is a good size miner. I am in for one or two. Thanks

X11. I would like to win. nice looking miner.

Wow, I could really get into the whole crypto currency thing with this. I'm in!!

This will be a great prize for anyone that wins it, anything free is great! Would love one of these.

entering the giveaway ツ

I own a small amount of Dash, it would be great to mine for more.

Tried purchasing online but currently out of stock. 10 dash @ $9.79 as time of writing= $97.90! Generous giveaway! Good luck to everyone! Steem on, mine on!

Available in India also. How much we can generate lol !!!

are you Evan Duffield?

I'm always keen to throw my name in the hat for giveaway gear ;) Great idea @dashpaymag

What a generous giveaway, GL everyone :D

I am a girl. I would love to claim this prize as I have only mined on laptops and computers with little benefit. :D

After having got Meningitis last year and a great love for crypto currencies I would so very much love to possibly win a miner! Also if I do win I will use part of the mining proceeds for a virtualgrowth faucet post game thread give away wealth share concept that I will be working on creating in the near future.

Sounds interesting. Sign me up.

  ·  5년 전

I've won one Steem giveaway, lets make it two.

  ·  5년 전

Very cool! I didn't know Dash required a different kind of miner to mine. Does that somehow makes it more profitable, since there may be less miners ?

I'ts ill be great

When is the final date for participation?

Actually we've been debating about power consumption of X11 miners and it was funny that we've seen those low Watts!!!
Now my favourite coin (Monetaryunit-MUE) is switching algo from quark to X11 to avoid algo issues and further developement plans and 'll be happy to have one of those miners to be able to mine with it.

Nice giveaway! Thanks for putting it up :)

Such beauty!

@dashpaymag, I would love to get on the mining boat with this one.
Keep calm and steem on!

So little)

Nice little X11 ASIC miner for minign DASH :D

Wow, thats awesome! Count me in!
I would love to get one :)

To be honest I have not heard of X11 mining. This sounds like a fun giveaway!

Nice looking miner!
How many can you chain together on the same copy of cgminer?

  ·  5년 전

That's a pretty machine!

Well I'm a huge fan of Dash, so count me in!