Help me select a car dash cam - VIOFO # GEKO # YI

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I do road trips quiet frequently. There has been many instances during my drives I felt I wasn't behind the wheels so that I can capture a moment that passes by in seconds. Pulling over every now and then isn't an option most of the times. So, I have decided to get a good dash cam for my car. I have shortlisted 3 and would like advise from people already using it or can suggest a better alternative.

My criteria:

  1. Should be able to take good quality photos (both during day and night)
  2. Preferably smaller in size so that it is not very noticable. Dont want to unmount it.
  3. WiFi - Nice to have if no display on the cam
  4. Price - Max $150.

My options:

  1. Viofo A119 - This has got the best reviews everywhere.
    Price - $90
    Pros - Good quality photos, reliability, would be mounted behind the rear view mirror (less noticable)
    Cons - No Wifi, slightly bigger.

  2. Geko Xpedition
    Price - $135
    Pros - Small in size, Bluetoth enabled remote, WiFi enabled
    Cons - Photo quality doesnt seem to be great.

  1. YI Smart Dash Camera
    Price - $50
    Pros - WiFi enabled, Nice display and UI, Good photo quality
    Cons - Due to the way it is designed, it wont hide and will be a risk. Will have to disconnect and keep it save when ever parked outside.

I was inclined towards the Geko Xpedition because of its size and the handy remote. I don't want to unmount it due to fear of being stolen. But not willing to compromise on photo quality. Please suggest if you know of one that I should be considering above these 3 cams.

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I think dashcams that are build into the mirror are very practical. Otherwise they will block your front window. Something like this:

Excelente post mi hermano, mucha suerte y éxitos para su blog un saludo desde Venezuela:)

Reliability is tough to predict but whether a camera uses capacitors or lithium batteries can make a big difference in reliability over time


True. That's a positive in Viofo.

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