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This shit just in - Norway - The special piece of shit tax-hell next to the north pole has decided to excessivly tax block producers. Our servers in Oslo, Svalbard and Bergen will go offline a minute before the New Year of 2019.

For more information about the in debth story, click here.


Running a good steady witness/block producer for STEEM and other Blockchain projects requires electricity, necessary hardware and of course as fast Internet connection as you can get with as many backup nodes/fallback systems as needed while staying geo-decentralized from other witnesses requires us to be spread out globally.

From December 31st 2018 We will therefore have terminated all contracts with Norwegian data-centers unless we want to pay some insane government-fees on the electricity we use.

So... the move...

We have server-centers in Sweden, Canada, Finland and Russia for geolocation north, but things can have changed a lot in those countries as well for next year, so we are currently looking for alternatives... healthy alternatives for both us, the STEEM blockchain and all of you people who depend on us.

Vote for @fyrst-witness and help us go through this massive move!

We have about a month to re organize a massive move to new locations and to have our uptime at 100% while we geo-relocate.

This is a massive PITA, and all we want to say to Norway right now is... Peace among the worlds motherfuckers! Peace among the worlds!


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as far as calling Bitcoin as "wasteful", i would completely agree! i would even say it is useless and harmful for the whole world (and crypto especially) as it is right now, since the rest of the useful (or potentially useful) projects are also being judged through lenses distorted by this failed experiment. it was a great conception but we should move on!

stop investing in a bullshit coin which promises micro transactions for miner fee (currently 50 cents!) and after 6 blocks or 60 minutes (or in certain cases 120 blocks) waiting time. yes, i know about lightning network, sure. it is perfect... i definitely can not think of any better thing out there but lightning... (sarcasm)

on the other hand politicians should not judge a whole "industry" after a singe (or a couple of) rubbish actor! but what do we expect from politicians after all? i'm utterly surprised that they can talk about 21st century tech at all! they are the falling stars of isms. should we expect anything more than misunderstanding and desperate tries to regulate the ongoing tech explosion? nah.

what we can do, is to vote for useful tech, useful coins, useful people! not by derivatives but, that's how we shape the future, in my opinion.

Dear @fyrst-witness, in your post we can see that in Europe we have crypto frindly and crypto enemy goverments.
I would like to suggest to take the chance to see what is offering Switzerland, everybody know they are the european fiat money strongbox and their goverment is crypto friendly. If you need help on it i can do....:)

Have you already considered moving to a Hetzner server in Germany? \nA lot of Steem witnesses seem to already be there or moving there atm.

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I can consider it, but geolocation is important. What good is it to be on the same server center and centralize the risk.... Iceland may be better.


Good point. \nThe reason I mentioned it was because I knew them to be very good with a high value/price for a long time. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to see them pop up as witness servers.

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Hetzner has server auctions for that special bargain - much cheapness!

Hello @fyrst-witness do you mind interviewing you through my weekly meet our steem witnesses interview?

There are NO Taxes on Indians servers on Indian reserves for use of power... AND https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/judge-rules-provincial-laws-do-not-apply-on-reserves-1.180209?fbclid=IwAR3YllskLNgcXIjEbyUM-5pg58OaDzklbR0KFKLPBwh2f9tEXOvcEDWpX9E Provincial Laws do not apply on Indian reserves. We should talk soon Fyrstikken about a viable solution for your servers on our Indian Reserves here in British Columbia. ALSO -- if you check out the Indian Act, the property of an Indian can not be seized off of a reserve.


hey @somena :) long time no see,,, hope you are doing well and wonderful comment

Hi fyrstikken,

I am really surprised that this makes a big difference for a witness server on the steem blockchain.
My understanding was that transactions on the steem blockchain are much faster, require less computational power and hence need a lot less energy (dimensions?!?) than anything that works with POW.
So I am surprised 2 cents/kWh make such a huge difference...
Could you please elaborate a bit more?

I already voted you some time ago @fyrst-witness my man.

Norwegian data-centers unless we want to pay some insane government-fees on the electricity we use.

Come to the south, Balkans are perfect place for you. Nice climate, cheap electricity, no fees, evadable or non-existing taxes, sexy people :D

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Voting you as a friend and do you know what I need? Or you don't care?

Ok i will vote you às one of my witnesses

I am already voting for you on my other account (@vegeta) and adding you here as well.

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Done... I thought I already had! I'm sorry
@fyrstikken, I was late.

I thought they where going to remove the tax cut for miners only? Can you explain how it is going to affect your costs?

I voted for you now you vote for me, just kidding...

I hear Facebook has a bunch of servers in the north of Sweden, but Im not sure what kind of shady operation you're running, and Sweden probably has worse laws and restrictions then Norway...

I guess the place you are looking for needs to be very cold and have good internet connectivity but with the computer/tax laws of a shady banana-republic? Let me do some thinking and get back to you on that one...


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This is a great idea and helping each other on platform.I like it so much.Must be good luck from still present to future.