“Reliable crypto assets recovery company and everything checked out when i did my search”

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I initially lost my crypto to BinaryOption Investment Company. I made the payment in tranches, about 7.8BTC in total at the time and I couldn't withdraw my profits and money back. They disappeared with it, and it was all gone.

After a lot of personal recommendations, i finally hired the services of DaTRek Recovery Company to help recover my lost Bitcoin. I paid a service charge and operational fee of 6000USD in BTC for the recovery procedure upfront.

After a week or so, January 21st to be precise, I got the notification that my funds have been successfully recovered, about 340,000 USD in total, which was stored in an offshore wallet and i was immediately given full access to withdraw the available BTC into my personal wallet which i normally use Coinbase, after i changed the login password.

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 7.49.39 pm.png

I was able to withdraw my money out of the safe storage in tranches and got it all in my coinbase wallet.
I was particularly impressed it was possible for DaTRek to recover my money back and decided to give my personal review and a big shout out to DaTRek Recovery Company for the tremendous efforts they showed in getting my claim resolved immediately.

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They are Trustworthy and reliable. A legit company with purpose. I'll recommend DaTRek Recovery Company to anyone who is in need and wants to get back lost or stolen crypto Investments.

They also offer various other recovery services which you can find in the link below: https://www.datrekrecoverycompany.com/claim-scheme

They are a Legit and trusted Crypto Recovery Company.
Visit: https://www.datrekrecoverycompany.com
Email: datrek@protonmail.com

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