The Daughter Challenge - My Little Princess, My Twinkler!

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I wholeheartedly accepted the challenge of Mama Bear @wrladyhawk, the daughter challenge because my daughter means a lot to me, my life and my everything.

And I thank Papa Bear @paradise-found for mentioning that I was challenged by Mama Bear. :)

To know more about the daughter challenge, you may visit the original post of @wrladyhawk in this link.

It's already 5 years that I was being complete. Being complete of having my daughter beside me, loving me, caring me and letting me know my purpose in this world. I won't deny or even be shy of so-called being a single mom, a single mother who could raise a little girl with a good heart. Yet, we are just like a dog-cat relationship but the value that we shared with each other is worth living for.

Shun Leanne, My Little Princess, My Twinkler

Yes! She is already in the Twinkler level of the Girl Scout of the Philippines and I am happy that she's starting to engage with this kind of organization whereas she can develop different skills which she can use and apply in her future. Seeing her at the moment, I know she is the daughter I should be proud of no matter what people would say to her and I know how much I protected her will be the same as how she will protect me. And I am so thankful that God gave me a chance to be her mother, Shun Leanne's mother.

During my 27th Birthday celebration this year with my daughter hugging and kissing me as her gift.

Sweet, right? How I wish she is always like those time, lol. Honestly speaking, she is the little girl that got so moody attitude where she can be able to share her emotions differently in a day. She will play with you, she will kiss and hug you and even make you her enemy. The usual routine of the kids but I won't say it is abnormal though sometimes she becomes mature enough to get mad at me at things that are not right to do or I forgot. She acted like my reminders and alarm clock and currently, that I am suffering from too much swelling and pain in my feet, she is the one giving me strength and helping me get up from my bed every morning. What will I do if I don't have her in my life?

To my little princess, my Twinkler, thank you and I love you forever and beyond.


I and my daughter requesting for a photo.

Flowers really got its meaning in our life. I won't forget that since she is 2 years old till now, she always sends me flowers where she can pick in our backyard or in the street. She won't really forget it and always tell me "mama's day", "happy mama" or "annivsary". I don't know why but I am so touched every time she will do that and I will just say Thank You and kiss her on her head.

The feeling that someone completes you even how days passing by. That's why I can always say to myself that I can conquer everyday challenge but keep on praying that God will bless her more than me, give her a future better than me and someone be with her someday that she truly deserves.

My daughter will be celebrating her 5th birthday this August 27th. She is asking me for Jollibee Party but I can't really afford. Hope I can give her something special and even have something to make her happy. She never demanded anything except this. I swear! Even she is young, I trained her not to demand, not unless, we got something in our pocket or someone gives her money to buy of what she really wants. Every time we stroll at the mall, if she saw something caught her attention and have the feeling of wanting it, I just let her understand why we can't buy it but she can give it a hug and a kiss to let herself feel happy.

The photos used in the content are all mine.
Taken using my Samsung J1 Mini and Canon Ixus 5x Zoom.

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WOW!! You have an amazing daughter.
The words of love for your daughter are so joyful.
Truly you are a blessing to each other!!
Bear Hugs for mother and daughter!!


Thank you Papa Bear @paradise-found. I am being emotional as well as feeling the happiness when talked or write about my daughter. The feeling that I am making her my treasure, my world.

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thank you papa bear...