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Last I left you...

Last I left you we were discussing slavery in the form of income tax here in the U.S., which has some people confused as being the U.S.A, but I won’t get into that today. There is a difference between the U.S. and U.S.A and one day when I have plenty of time I will explain that in detail.

Today though I wanted to make a correction to the last Seasoned With Sult N Papper where I gave my theory on why the word “income” is not defined in the U.S. Code Section 26. My thought and theory was that since there is no lawful money here that a person can earn; there is no way what you earn could be considered income. We only have “legal tender” here in the U.S. in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, which are nothing more than a fancy looking I.O.U. that the government printing presses at the Treasury Department prints out signifying the government owes the Federal Reserve Bank money.

Well, it was a ...

Well, it was a good theory in my opinion and it may very well have something to do with it but after doing some research last Tuesday evening I found out that there have been several cases ruled on by the Supreme Court here in the USA that did in fact define the word “income” and those Supreme Court cases defined income as corporate profits.

So that explains why you won’t find the word income defined in Title 26 of the U.S. code. The government doesn’t want you to know any part of the truth about what they have done. That, I am pretty sure has you asking, “just what did they do?” That is a great question by the way; one that any American should be asking their congressmen and senators, but since you asked me I will give you what I know about it and you can then go ask your elected representatives for their explanation.

First off; you have a dual identity unbeknownst to you.

If you ever notice anytime you have anything to do with paper work from any government agency you will find that your name is always styled in all capital letters. That styling of your name in all capital letters signifies an artificial entity, a corporation.

The deception started the day you born and if you have a birth certificate there is a damn good chance if you take a look at it you will find what I am talking about as most birth certificates issued after the 1950’s all have the names styled in all capital letters. So John Effin Doe as the name given by his parents would read on the birth certificate as JOHN EFFIN DOE. (It is not a misspelling, all the letters are correct; the proper term is “styled”) So the government styled your name just like any other artificial entity; it just so happens that all corporations are also artificial entities and also are considered as “persons” in the eyes of the U.S. government.

So even though...

So, even though you go through life as a living human being you are nothing more than a corporation in the eyes of the government. Now do you see how your dual identity exists?

When you go through life all your friends and neighbors and associates see you as the living person but the government sees you as a corporation that exists and has been chartered using the social security number the government issued to the all capital letter styled name like JOHN EFFIN DOE.

Another thing with...

Another thing with government is that the U.S. government exists on presumptions; they presume you know this part about your dual identity and that you are good with it since you never have informed them differently. Since the government controls what is taught in the public education systems throughout the states they know damn well you don’t know; and that is the way they would like to keep it.

They are tricky...

They are tricky bastards too, (the U.S. Government), they continue to get folks to acknowledge the corporate relationship you have with them on damn near every government form you are required to fill out when contracting with them. There always seems to be a box that you are required to check that asks if you are a “U.S. citizen” and each time you check it you are confirming your artificial corporate entity status of your all capital letter styled name. The federal jackasses even have the states doing it for them as well since the states ask the same questions about being a U.S. citizen on things like driver license applications and other occupational licenses issued by the states.

So Title 26 of...

So Title 26 of the U.S. code intentionally and maliciously keeps from defining income so that the words “corporate profit” doesn’t show up in the definition; otherwise people might just put two and two together and start asking questions.

Being born on...

Being born on the soil of one of the fifty states doesn’t make you automatically a U.S. citizen although most people believe it does. The U.S. citizen that you represent wasn’t created until the paper work is completed in the form of the birth certificate and the social security number was placed with the all capital letter styled name.

So when the ...

So when the Secretary of the Treasury or the IRS Commissioner or any other employee of those agencies are heard saying that we have a voluntary income tax system they aren’t lying, they will just never elaborate on how you can quit volunteering. You, the living breathing human, isn’t required to pay income taxes, your artificial corporate person is though and the government presumes you know that since you have never disputed that you represent that corporation.

I used the word...

I used the word “contracting” earlier in this piece and that is what you are doing each and every time you have an interaction with any government official be it local, state or federal. You enter into a contract each time you put your signature on any government form. The thing about contracts is that it is required that full disclosure between the parties to the contract is a must and also that lack of full disclosure constitutes a fraud. Fraud nullifies and voids all contracts once discovered.

Iam going...

I am going to start a letter writing campaign to my elected officials demanding an explanation and I am going to do it in the form of an affidavit. Stating under penalty of perjury the facts as I understand them and have my elected officials either acknowledge or rebut them in the form of an affidavit as well. I am tired of being played for a fool by these politicians.

What about you? Now you have enough ammunition to at least start asking questions; will you?

For my readers...

For my readers outside the USA; this situation is not unique to the United States of America and if you are residing in a country with a central bank and birth certificates there is a good chance that you might very well be under the same scenario as those of us in the U.S.A. It all has to do with the banks controlling all the wealth in the world and they won’t stop until they do.

I told you...

I told you that former U.S. President George H. W. Bush was a real piece of shit and I stand by the statement; but he did at least tell us that we would be under the rule of the New World Order. He just failed to mention that the NWO is the central banks of the world belonging to the International Monetary Fund.

I think this is enough seasoning for one night.

Until next time,

Note: Thanks for reading this edition of Seasoned with Sultnpapper. Please check out this post by my good friend and great author @ericvancewalton , the winter has ... well go read it for yourself,

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Well then. Here we go.

I actually have 3 birth certificates. The original from 1951. The sort of original-I was adopted at birth and the original I have was issued the day after at my adoption. It would take me 63 years to see the real original. Not for lack of trying. Anyway, the original lists me as Thomas Stephen and lists my adoptive parents.

I got a certified copy from Spokane County, Wa in the 80s to get my passport and sure enough, that is all caps. You can't get your original birth certificate anymore, only a certified copy. And the original isn't considered legal for ID purposes.

After taking part in not one but two class action lawsuits and a bill being rammed through the Washington State Legislature I applied for and received a copy of my original birth certificate from Spokane County. Where I was listed as Baby Boy. Mother's information there, father unknown.

I didn't get a Social Security card until I was 12 when I started getting a paycheck. I believe that card was issued in all caps, but I can't be sure. I lost my wallet twice in my life. It had the original and duplicate in it. I had to get a replacement card just last year in a pissing contest between two Federal agencies. USDA and SSA.

So. I'm a born American but a citizen of the US. Today when I have to answer that question I carefully say "I'm an American citizen". That doesn't make them particularly happy, but I've never had my car torn up in secondary. Well once, but that was the Canadian Border and one of my drunken buddies said something about dope in the car. In 1970 I think.

Anyway. Yes. We all are a product of a carefully crafted legal scheme to make us sheep for the shearing. Not very many left from the pre gold standard days. You and I are both part of the 'silver certificate' days but even we are getting rarer.

Thanks for shining the light on things. It needs to be done.


Oh. I have, in my possession both my father's and mother's original birth certificates. Mom's was provided by the hospital in Pendelton, Oregon and is pretty plain, but hand written. Dad's is a beautiful document that was issued when he was about 10 days old at 'near Irby, Washington.' When the doctor finally made it to my Grandparent's place... Both of those represented real birth certificates and the births were registered with the county BUT NOT CERTIFIED. That difference is important.


It use to be that births were recorded in family bibles and that is where it belongs in my opinion. But the government needs those birth certificates to prove ownership of its slaves.


I also have the family bible that went from Germany to Russia in the early 1800s. My birth is in there and it is current today. Somebody along the way added a nice parchment leaf for the last few generations. One of my nephews will get it soon.


I didn't get my social security number until I was 13 or 14 and it wasn't in the all caps format back then if memory serves me but it had my full legal name. I still have the card but it was so worn from being carried in my wallet for 50 years or so the numbers were where it couldn't be read any longer. It was styled properly with only the first letter of each name capitalized and the rest of the letters lower case.
A couple of years ago I had to get a replacement card and went to the local SS office to get a new card and the new card had an error when it was printed. My middle name is also Stephen like yours but it was spelled on the card as STEVEN on the card. I didn't catch it until I started to walk away from the little window but I turned around promptly and informed the agent that it was incorrect.
The lady told me that that is the way it is listed in the system, even though the name on the original card was spelled Stephen and was still legible when you look at the card.

I know how that happened but I didn't share it with her. Evidently the SS system didn't want to have to manually input all the names and social security numbers into their computer system so they pulled information from any and all government lists back then that had names and social security numbers with them.

Back in the early 80's when I got my occupational license I decided I didn't like the spelling of my middle name and I filled in the form as "Steven" that was the only time I ever did that, normally I just used my middle initial. So that is where SS got that information and plugged it into their system.
The lady told me that she couldn't change the spelling without me bringing in a certified copy of my birth certificate. I haven't gone back and done that yet, the day I was there I waited four hours to get the new card, I didn't have four hours to waste then and I damn sure don't right now.
So right now I have 3 identities in reality, the living me and the Stephen and STEVEN ones.

It is amazing that an original birth certificate isn't legal for ID purposes only a certified copy of it is.

Which brings up a good case for falsification of government records, your original had the named styled in proper case but the certified copy has the name in all capital letters so there is no way that the copy could be an accurate copy of the original. Just another case of prepping the sheep for shearing as you put it.

I also have to travel in south Texas and the border patrol check points are always a pain in the ass. I too never admit to being a US citizen. I have a routine I go through when I am approaching them and it works pretty well for the last few years.
I put a big chaw of Redman in and get a big wad of spit in my mouth and put my cowboy hat on. When I roll down the window for the agent to ask me if I am a US citizen, I pause for a second or so, then pick up my spit cup and and spit the tobacco juice out, I turn my head toward the window, "I'm a Texan."
In the dozen or so times that I have started using that routine the agent has always said "Have a nice day" and waved me through with the exception of one time. That time the second time the agent asked me if I was a US citizen, I replied, "I'm a Texan, so you tell me, doesn't that make me a US citizen?" his reply, "Have a good day sir." and waved me through.
I guess questioning him on his knowledge was enough to have him just let it go. He probably thinks that is case and he didn't want to hold up the line. Driving a Ford pickup truck too helps paint the good picture, Ford pickups are damn near the official vehicles of old crusty Texans.

The light needs to be shined, the sad part is it gets dimmer each day as the young folks get more and more distracted with games and apps.


I have a Steven ID too :) It's all online (but there may be an off line record) I made it quite a few years ago when I was dipping into some unsavory people's worlds. It's Steven T with my last name spelled phonetically. I go check that email a few times a year :) It's a virtual IPN so nobody needs to know. I used that ID to check out my birth mother... I sent her a letter and got 0 response.

I only rarely get the question at the BP stops because I am usually on my MC. Generally they let me roll right through.

I haven't had a chaw in years, but the truth is I like Redman. Goes back to my old baseball playing days... I just loved spitting on peoples feet. Catchers, umpires, first basemen.

I just checked my passport, and sure enough, my name is all in capital letters. I've heard about this stuff before, and watched some LONG YouTube videos about it, but I've never heard of anyone who has successfully challenged this in any way. Correct me if I'm wrong...
Interesting to think that it doesn't apply to countries without a central bank. I wonder where citizens of those countries stand when it comes to taxation etc.


I can tell you a whole bunch of people who have managed to stay out of the system for the most part and that is the Amish folks in Pennsylvania and Ohio. They don't drive, the don't use electricity and they don't use government services.
They school their own kids and they grow their own crops and trade among themselves for the most part on day to day items and services.
There are also court cases that people have had dismissed but those are hard to verify unless you are there in person or see a court transcript.
People are catching on though and learning a whole lot more on how to successfully separate themselves from their fictional self.
Most of the countries without a central bank tied to the IMF are under attack or have been in the cross hairs of the US for a while, Iraq, North Korea are couple that come to mind right quickly.
Saddam Hussien was starting to back the Iraq Dinar with gold and that is the real reason the US had to get rid of him, his dinar would have ended up burying the US petro fiat dollar.
We all know what is going on in North Korea.


Ah - interesting about the Amish! And yes, depressing about the non-IMF countries. That is a very good point.


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To the government you are little more than your social security number and only worth the taxes you pay. The only waybto gain value is to pay more taxes or perhaps win some favor of a political party by collecting donations or votes.

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Yes, the more you pay the more they like you. Thanks for your support, very much appreciated Skeptic.

Wow, some heavy seasoning there....
Time to tunnel down some rabbit holes...


Happy hunting :) .

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Your posts are always informative and interesting to read! We are about to have our first baby outside of the USA and we'll see how that compares. When our last baby was born at home, we chose not to send in his card with his blood on it. He's the only one of our children that doesn't have his blood registered because we didn't know we had that option with the others. And now in Panama, we're going to see what hoops we have to jump through for our next addition. Should be interesting...


Good luck my friend, I hope all goes well for you and the entire family.

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Howdy sir sultnpapper! This is some great information that no one has ever heard of! lol.
And I also never heard what the difference between the U.S. and the U.S.A. is so that should be interesting too!


Most people never do hear of it and when they do they chose not to look into for themselves. I guess that they might be afraid that it is true, which it is, and that would mean that everything they have learned and believed up until this point in their lives has been anything but the truth.
I will work on getting that U.S. and U.S.A. topic covered soon since you seem interested in that, Texan's requests get moved to the front of the line.


Howdy sir sultnpapper! haha, I like the Texan request policy! Yeah people would definitely rather not hear the hard truth generally speaking but I think us here on steemit are another breed. At least I hope so!

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