Wolverhampton beat Manchester City to Claim top 5



Wolverhampton beat 10 Man Manchester City 3-2 in the 19th week of the English Premier League 2019/20 season at the Molineux Stadium. After the winning Wolverhampton moved to 5th position with 30 points. Manchester City had chances of moving to 2nd position if the conquer Wolverhampton but things turn around. It was a great come back from Wolverhampton. Manchester City goal keeper was sent off in the 14 minutes of the first half. Though Manchester City did not feel that, the took lead with two wonderful goal by Raheem Sterling till 54 minutes.


In the 55 minutes Wolverhampton scored a goal from Traore and the scores was in favor of Manchester City 1-2, the match was going fine not until 82 minutes Jimenez throw and equalizing goal in the net and the pressure begin to amass on Manchester City, the Red card begin to show. In the 89 minutes Doherty scored the winning goal and Wolverhampton won 3-2 and it was a great victory. Wolves are a strong team who threat big teams, Even though Manchester City men are complete Wolverhampton will still show their self. They have been performing well this season and the are currently among the top five on the ranking table. It's a big loss to the reigning Champion. I think this season is not meant for the City, better days ahead.

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