My Girls Are Ready to Fight The Corona Virus

4개월 전

With all the hysteria going on if you watch social media my girls are not scared even for a moment. They're going to fight off this disease with their swords and shields!

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How very precious. They say that viruses more tragic for the elderly blessings my friend.


Yes, I've heard that too. We are all healthy here.

I think it is good for children to be at least a little aware of what is going on in the world!

Have they shut down any large gatherings up there?
They announced today that the st pat's day parade will be postponed and the high school basketball tournament games are still being played with pretty much no one in attendance.


Bunch of things canceled, events we wouldn't normally go to anyway.


Same for me..things I wouldn't go to anyways!

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There is the cure, Corona virus has no chance :)


covid19 your days are numbered!

lol..I think those swords need some work!