Dcity Giveaways: Let's start again with a new giveaway

2년 전

Hello City owners

Its been a while I did my last giveaways then the viral outbreak started and I started playing a new game Dcity and now its fun. So, I decided to do some giveaways of my cards and yeah forgive me for the english its not even my second lang. so, its kinda hard for me to write all this stuff with correct grammer and all

How one can Join:

Steps are pretty simple

  1. Join the Dcity Giveaway discord server using this link: https://discord.gg/YKWhUY
  2. Read the Rules and follow them
  3. Get yourself a role
  4. Engage in the server and that's it


    Rules are pretty simple.
  1. If you choose giveaway then you will be notified in the discord server everytime a new giveaway happns
  2. Just react to the giveaway post and you are in
  3. Bot will randomly select a winner in 24 hours [The time is due to differrent time zones of people]


Since there will be other host for giveaways so rewards will be random. For me, I will do 2-3 giveaway every week.
So, I will simply buy two cards on sunday and no matter its a common card or super card, the first two randomly generate cards by game server will be the rewards [rest are mine lol...]

Sometime, I will also drop some rare cards from my account.

When it will start?

Giveaways will start from next week. On, next sunday [24th] I will buy the first rewards. So, join the server as soon as you can if you wanna participate or contrinute.

Cya in the server.

Note: I am not related to @dcitygame and the team by any means. If you have any issues you can ping me directly on my discord handle
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