What is the difference between psychiatrists and Psychologist?

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Most people are still not aware of mental health in our country. They are still hesitant and hesitant to go to the doctor for mental illness in any problem. Even many people think that both psychologists and psychiatrists have the same profession. But it is not! When you need a psychiatrist, do not get special benefits when you go to psychiatrists. What is the difference between psychiatrists and Psychologist?

1) Different degrees

To be a psychiatrist, you have to pass the medical college like other doctors. For this reason all psychiatrists can write the medicine to the patient. If the intensity of mental problem is high, it may take medicines, so it is better to go to psychiatrists. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depressive disorder require psychiatry and drug treatment. It is possible to go to psychiatry for the cure of addiction.

On the other hand, psychologists have to do Ph.D. in Philosophy or Psychology. In some cases he can also advise on medicines.

2) Physical and emotional

Psychiatrists mainly work on the physical side of mental problems. They cause fever to cure the problems of brain problems that cause mental problems. On the other hand, psychologists address mental health problems by changing your thoughts and feelings. They have therapy for this.

3) Different medical procedures

Psychologists and psychiatrists both identify and cure mental problems. Psychiatrists often start with medicines. On the other hand, psychologists started working with talking and therapy. Many times psychologists and psychiatrists may need help to cure a patient's problem.

4) Who will you go to?

If the symptoms of the patient's mental problems are such things as suicide thinking, drug addiction, or life-threatening behavior, then he should go to his psychiatrist. Psychiatrists can give him medicines. On the other hand, he may also have to go to a psychologist to change his mental state, thought.

If you do not understand who you should go to, psychologist or psychiatrist - then first talk to your general doctor. He will tell you  which doctor you should go.

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