Life of Summer

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It's mid of May and we're approaching the mid of summer. It's a Saturday and something inside me craves to enjoy the summer time, so I decided to have a break and feel the sun. Wow, this is life right here. I can feel the sand on my toes, I can taste the sea breeze like it has the salty taste of the sea. I feel like Moana, the sea is calling me to go dive in!


Have you had your summer escapade yet? If you are in the Philippines like I do, go get your dose of vitamin sea! It's time to unwind and reward yourself, enjoy life, enjoy summer!

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It looks like a great place!


It is, it reminds me about how life can be this beautiful and worth the struggle. Thanks for the visit to my page, have a nice day!

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What a beautiful place.
Enjoy your vitamin sea


Thank you, I hope you are enjoying your summer, too! Have a good one.

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The blue sky you’re having is making me jealous. I can’t complain about the temperature or anything, it’s as warm as ever. Just lacking a bit of sunshine and beach is far... might go have a dip in the pool instead.

Where about in the Philippines are those photos taken?

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This is in the middle part of the country, in an island called Mactan Cebu. The hotel used to be a Hilton Hotel but now it's called Movenpick Beach Hotel. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate this.

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Very cool. The closest to that place I’ve been is the airport 😝 flew from Damaguete to Kalibo via Cebu once... Amazing country! Beautiful beaches and wonderful wildlife 👍🏻

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Hi, @benedict08!

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always nice to feel warmer after cold winter :)