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Venezuela: Petro Can Be Converted Into Any Cryptocurrency If Bought This Year says;

  1. Venezuela: Petro Can Be Converted Into Any Cryptocurrency If Bought This Year
    The Venezuelan government has announced that its national currency, the oil, can be exchanged into any cryptocurrency if purchased this year. However, the wallet for the petroleum is still not available and petroires receive certificates of purchase.
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  1. Namibian Bitcoin Trading Platform BTN Perseveres Despite Partial Crypto Ban
    Bitcoin Trade Namibia (BTN), an emerging bitcoin marketplace, is trying to make things work for Namibians keen on investing in digital assets, even though it could take up to three days before buy orders are settled. However, in an industry where government forces crave control, the delay looks like it should be worth the wait.
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  1. Electronics Giant Bosch Partners with IOTA to Launch New Device for IoT Data Collection
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  1. New Linux-Targeting Crypto-Mining Malware Combines Hiding and Upgrading Capabilities

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source; Helen Partz

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