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Say all you want, as they will never hide the truth. If you don’t return the funds you took by force and illegal account recovery, then you are a thief. I have no patience for thieves.

You tricked me by giving the @dstors account so I can change the keys to mine and feel comfortable in depositing my funds. However, you connived and premeditated by having a recovery key ready to use to seize back the account and that’s exactly what you did. That was honorable? After account seizure, you then canceled the powerdown of my funds, thus entrapping it. This was a true indicator of your ill intention. You seized back the account under the guise of wanting only the @dstors account back but here we are going on weeks where you’ve embezzled STEEM/SP that do not belong to you.

So, when will you man up and honest up and return my funds? That is the question to answer. As long as you hold my funds hostage and don’t return them, you have no right to claim honor or innocence.

PS: Your team uses my stolen STEEM with impunity to bid bot trend wholly one sided posts, completely devoid of balanced views.


It is good to know but sad to see what are going on around @dStors and @dCommerce.

Things behind were shown at the post above and the comment above
from the most relevant people of both sides, @kaliju and @haejin.

Anyway thank you both for letting me know clearly about it.

Sad to see this continuing. Hopefully this can be the last of it and 2019 can mark the beginning of focusing on what is important and not a pissing contest, especially as one side is trying to stay out of one.

While money is crucial to setting up structures, it is not a pass to do whatever one would want. One would wonder as a seller, if a company is willing to bully previous partners, would they be quick to bully those using their venue, such as sellers, the ones who actually have the product to sell. Ebay is already a master at bullying their customers (sellers) and has the resources already built for one wanting to go that route. It would seem to me to be an important point of distinction. For this venture to succeed outside the Steemit ecosystem as the other side envisions, it is crucial for them to differentiate themselves from the already existing monopolies that many of us grew tired of dealing with, or have been waiting for a replacement to come along.

I said it previously, but I am eager for a commerce site that would compete with the likes of Ebay to come along tying fiat and Steem together on one commerce site. It would revolutionize so much. But you can't scare everyone off before the damn thing is even built.

I appreciate the tone you are using here Kaliju. I am hopeful that your former partners will take whatever issues they have with you and dstors behind closed doors, or maybe let things go and move on. Having said that, I also hope that if the SP belongs to them (as I saw them insinuate), that you will be honorable and power it down and give it to them. It's time for you to focus on your brand again my friend, which has a strong foundation in honor and good intent. This is the Kali ju I remember from my first encounter with you when darkhorse was telling everyone of your vision.

What happened with the dStore project? What's the story? Sorry to hear about the trouble. Hope it resolves itself soon.

Saludos amigo @kaliju espero que este nuevo año 2019 nos traiga muchas cosas buenas e interesantes para todos los usuarios de Steemit

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I hope that the Dstors will be one of the best projects in 2019. I believe that all problems will passed over and we will use Dstors together and generate a new ideas which will help to create world without borders. What is the better than free world? Happy New Year, friends!