DDoS and some servers replacement

2개월 전

Some our servers were under DDoS from the 5th to the 6th of June. These servers have been already replaced. Every customer who had only these servers configs has already got a compensation (check your credited funds).

About the servers replacement

The DNS servers NS3 (former IP: and NS0 (former IP: have got the new IPs. You can find the new IPs on a subscription page (https://dash.deepwebvpn.net/en/subscriptions/configs).

Also RU2 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), SE1 (Stockholm, Sweden), DE3 (Dusseldorf, Germany), FR2 (Paris, France), NL2 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), US2 (New York, USA) have got new IPs. NO1 (Oslo, Norway) was replaced by FR3 (Roubaix, France). Update the configs please (if you use it) and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

OpenVPN: https://dash.deepwebvpn.net/ru/download?goto=openvpn
SoftEther: https://dash.deepwebvpn.net/ru/download?goto=softether

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