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Wow, you seem to have predicted Justin's move and are actually supporting it by voting for Justin's goodguy as witness! That's remarkable. Could you write a post about your viewpoints on this?


It was obvious. Imagine that you bought that much STEEM. What would you do? I don't like thieves and hypocrites, so I voted for change. Old witnesses can retaliate only by buying more but most of them are only leeches. They just know how to sell.


Well, I might be very naive, but...

If I was the owner of the Steemit account private keys, I would take action pointed at making the value of that stake higher as a priority, not fight about the rights accompanied with the bag. So I would work with the community, engage with the key players here, boost inward traffic with marketing and generally work towards enhancing the eco-system to draw in a lot of new people and new energy, and keep them engaged.

Then, after my goals for the community and the eco-system are clear, discuss with the witnesses about how best to use the stake at my disposal for even further enhancement of the place we all (used to) love.

But yeah, I suppose that sounds pretty naive.

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