Decenternet Osiris Web Browser - The New Free Browser of the People and for the People

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The current generation of web browsers mostly lay its foundation on the retrieval of data from a centralized location only. We already know what happens with this: Large Internet Content firms plus ISPs control everything for people. This centralized organizations make people think what they want them to believe.

This is the reason why Decenternet created its core asset: Osiris Web Browser. This is the Dnet asset I will be referring to in this post.

Osiris Web Browser

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Osiris is the new free browser used for sending and receipt of information/data from the Decenternet. With Decenternet you will be able to experience the web content as it really is without the speed control created by centralized networks, with no censorship by centralized firms, and with no selection by central organizations of the content people will see.

Osiris does not belong to any organization.It will allow people to trade Spyce the Decenternet token, for goods and services on the Decenternet. No middlemen exists in this new digital environment.

Osiris is a Decenternet native application which runs on major desktop and mobile operating systems. It is an open source browser based on the Chromium browser (a code started by Google to develop the known Chrome Browser).

Osiris has the capabilities of receiving/showing normal websites we see today, but it also has the ability to go through and showcase decentralized sites and applications. It is developed to work with other decentralized platforms. Other platforms are able to build extensions on Osiris to help their decentralized platforms protocols such as IPFS, Storj, SWARM, Shift and any other protocols created can function together to reach a complete neutral internet.

For more detailed information on the Osiris Web Browser you may visit the Dnet Whitepaper on page 30.

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Centralization of a browser means a lot and with superb features
good to note this i will look for it and download straight away. Thank you