The Liberty Search Engine - The Decenternet Alternative to Google

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As many people have realized, Google uses the information from our emails, documents, and other activities done with its services, and get profit with it. They can easily know were in the world the user is. Don't get me wrong, Google does not take the data without authorization, in their terms and conditions we are giving them the permissions.

Decenternet's alternative is the Liberty Search Engine. This is one of its main assets, and I will be referring to it on this post.

The Liberty Search Engine

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The Liberty Search Engine is a self-sustaining native app funded by the mining network of the D-net. Liberty SE is developed to fulfill the simple purpose of a neutral Search Engine: to speak the truth. When you type a word, it will look for the content with most demand, and not the content with the most ad clicks. When we search for things, their is no third party organizations that will block certain content from appearing.

The Liberty search engine and all the decenternet assets aims for all human expression. Humanity is progressing to a new level of wisdom and thus more responsibility. The past and still today, power is the privilege of a very few number of people, but this is what Decenternet is looking to change. We should all become powerful together. The Decenternet belongs to us, the people.

Take a look at the Decenternet Whitepaper on page 41 for more information on Liberty SE.

Liberty Search software architecture is built on open source code. ElasticSearch that collects and stores information on websites and contents in and out of Decenternet. It is decentralized and run by private computers/nodes using a decentralized network provided by the Dnet. All data, such as the index, will be stored in Decenternet nodes. ElasticSearch lets you store all kinds of documents, search, and analyze large volumes of information in almost near real-time.

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