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Gold. Wow love it!

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So, dSteem is dead now?


Oh, I missed that. I hope someone capable enough would be willing to take it over. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining until today.

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What made you switch to EOS instead of Ethereum for example?

Personally I have a feeling that 21 DPOS system, in the end, would be just way too similar to the world many of us cryptopeople are trying to leave behind. Also I have a feeling, it can't handle any serious attacks against it.

What are you thoughts about these statements?

PS. If you remember, you saved my Steem account when I had accidentally entered my keys into memo field, thank you again for that! Also sad to see you're leaving Steem behind. It doesn't look good if people like you are leaving the platform!


I think EOS so far the only platform where you can build an app that has an UX that does not suck. DPoS has its problems but it's still the best real world governance model IMO. I don't think that it is particularly susceptible to attacks either, much less so than any PoW system that isn't Bitcoin.


Thanks for answering. Is the site you linked your work by the way?

One more quick question, besides owning EOS, does a developer need to own some other resources if he'd like to run programs on the blockchain? I've heard stuff about memory and so on.


Yep, I'm the founder. We are trying something different than Steem, no inflation or app specific token, just tips that come with visibility. Think Patreon meets Medium.

You need RAM to deploy contracts yeah, there is a "system contract" (privileged code deployed by consensus) that lets you buy and sell it. Besides RAM it works pretty much like Steem, you stake EOS to get daily resources you can spend to interact with the code on chain.

I'm one of the only 81 STEEM accounts you follow somehow, do you remember why that is? I feel honored!

Never heard of Decentium, why do you think this is a good platform, if you believe it is one?

What city in Italy are you at BTW, living there too for the coming months...


Sure I do, it's because I find what you write and share interesting :)

Decentium is the best platform*, it aligns incentives between authors readers and the platform without inflation or other games that lead to a lot of contention. Authors get endorsed by their readers directly and endorsements comes both with money and visibility. The platform gets a cut that goes to running costs and further development.

Hit me up on telegram username jnordberg and I'll tell you where I'm based!

*I'm the founder so I have to say that ;)

what are your thoughts about voice?