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Hi, this is logic steemcleaners.
I can't find your username neither in Steemit Chat nor Rocket Chat, I will just drop a message here.
Thank you for your reports. It seems that majority of them are invalid though.
Here are some tips on how to report:
When reporting abuse, only one post should be submitted per report. There should be no more posts added in report (for example in supporting link or comments).
Also, each report MUST contain link to the source of abuse included in "supporting link". For example, the source of photography as link to external, specific website where the photo can be seen (thumbnails, or general reverse image result are not accepted).
To report photography plagiarism, the reported post MUST contain photography/photo contest tag and/or user MUST claim to be author of the photography.

Thanks a lot charitymemes


Sorry about that, sent you a reply, your comments are duly noted and I will attempt to fill them in correctly in the future.