Decentralised protocols with embedded crypto payments is what we need, not Dapps on Ethereum or EOS

2년 전

There are a lot of fundamental reasons why people are not really using Dapps. Jimmy Song in his videos quite well explains them.

DAPPS (smart contracts/apps on Ethereum blockchain) has a lot of problems:

  • Usually they are not really decentralised (because of centralised team behind them).
  • They are expensive to use (because blockchains generally are extremely hard to scale).
  • People usually don't care if it's centralised or decentralised, event for tokens.
  • Smart contracts and decentralised protocols in general are quite hard to update (because immutability is one of main selling points for blockchains).

However I do believe that we need more decentralised services. Email, Torrent, Jabber, WEB itself, thats examples of awesome decentralised protocols. Crypto currencies like bitcoin (decentralised programmable money) can add a lot of value and incentive into building new generation of decentralised applications (don't confuse with Dapps).

Just imagine how Torrent would look like if it would have build-in bitcoin support (e.g. via Lightning) or if it would have own token (nice article on that: Or let's imagine that a new decentralised file sharing service occur, where network participants would be paid in bitcoin for file storage and bandwidth. It could even kill giants like Dropbox or YouTube.

I have also posted article on Medium on how and why decentralised systems step by step becomes centralised and how bitcoin (or some other crypto currency) may change that.

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