Why Making Decisions For Your Life Is Important


"Why must I make tough, self-imposed choices?" a wailing woman shouted at her husband as she sobbed in his arms. "Why can't I just be what I am?" she whined. This is the cry of every failed woman who has ever made a decision not to live up to her expectations.

Each time a woman decides to make a decision that doesn't support her desires, she is guilty of choosing to live in accordance with the reasons of other people. She chooses to make choices that will not support her dreams and goals, and that's a bad thing. It's like choosing to wear white in the summer or purple on Halloween. Those colors don't make you feel very festive, but neither do they help you make any sense whatsoever.

We are all free to choose which we will live our lives by and which we will not. But those who choose not to make these choices are, by default, living life in accordance with the reason of other people. So each time a woman makes a choice not to live according to her own values, she is making a decision to live according to the reason of other people. If someone has decided to not make any choices, then that person is not living according to anyone else's values.

Some people have been taught that their choices are free. Others are taught that their choices are hard. That's a lie. You can make your decisions easy or difficult. You can make your decisions right or wrong.
A mother once told her daughter, "It's always best to live right or to die young." That mother knew her daughters well. Those two daughters had chosen to live right and die young.

The most important ingredient for living right is to make a choice. Each and every decision you make matters. When I look back on my many choices, it amazes me how many times I was convinced I would make a good choice only to find out I wouldn't. The key is to stay open-minded and take as many chances as possible.

There's always a right time to do a good deed. One of my favorite sayings is, "If you have faith, work with it." I believe that God would be proud of all of us because He gave us free will to make decisions. God gave us the ability to choose what path our lives will take. If you want to continue down the path that He created for you, and one that includes happiness, then your greatest obstacle will be the fear you will encounter when making the decision.

Fear comes with the possibility of making a decision. When you make the choice to walk in freedom, fear follows. But if you make the choice to walk into the dark, fear goes with the darkness. It's up to each of us to use our wisdom and discern what is best for our lives. If your life is filled with fear, you will not enjoy life to its fullest potential, and therefore you won't live long enough to enjoy life.

Many Christians believe that God has chosen some people to be given the gift of choosing right from wrong. They read the Bible and study it very carefully, wondering how they can make good choices. Some of these individuals try their best to make good choices, but they still fail. Others have no problems making decisions and yet they don't achieve the success that they desire.


This is because every individual is unique. It is hard for someone to make a decision that works out for them. Some people are hard workers, but they can't seem to get ahead in life. For others, the problem could be related to family issues. Whatever the problem might be, the solution lies in God allowing somebody to make that decision for them.

You cannot go around the world and make every decision for your life. You have to know who you are and what you are passionate about. You have to realize that sometimes it takes hard work and effort to accomplish the goals that you want to achieve. If it is too hard for you to make those decisions, then you need to find someone else who can do it.
It is important to make decisions for your life. This is how you will move towards success. You need to make tough decisions, but you also have to look at the bigger picture. No matter what you face in your life, you should never let anybody make you feel like you are not strong enough to make your own choices.

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