$DCR/BTC - Decred Technical Analysis - Trading Idea #12, 06.07.2017

3년 전

I don't recommend shorting this at all, I'm still holding. But here's what I think we're looking at in the next few days to a week. Once we hit .018 we may even try to complete a mirrored pattern and retest the ATH again at .021. Who knows.

If you're looking for a good time to buy, wait until the RSI drops a little more: this is the true indicator of when to go long. It could be at the bottom of the right shoulder, but we may just go sideways until the pump.

Also, remember the crypto-currency history will be made in 3-4 days when Decred hard forks by community vote. Man governs by math now.

Crypto Trading is risky business and you can loss partial or full amount of money. This Trade view is not a guarantee and only my personal speculation. Trade at your own risk with that money only you can afford. Bitcoin unexpected pump or dump will make this analysis void.

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