Deegram beta launch update - the first days of testing and fixes


Hello everyone!

A few days ago we opened up Deegram for beta testing.

First and foremost, thank you for all the nice comments and new Deegramers! We love to see new images and posts coming in, and it makes the work all worth it, and we hope we can give you a new great interface for Steem!

It was a stressful day and we received many reports and found new issues that were not uncovered by our internal testing and for that, we apologize. We launched a patch the same day that took care of most breaking issues, and how now prepared our first update with minor adjustments.

By now, both the Android and iOS apps, as well as the website, should be fully functional. And the remainder of breaking bugs should be fixed with the patch rolling out today.

What happened

Posting issues

We had a temporary issue with Steemconnect, which was luckily resolved quickly, that prevented users from casting votes, posting or any other broadcast operation to the Steem blockchain. Due to an update on our middle-layer server, the image uploading from the Deegram app became incompatible, which we identified was due to a mismatch in the request header.

Login issues - device language

Some users experienced crashes while opening the app, both before and after the login screen. While tricky to identify, it turns out this was due to unexpected formatting of a DateTime string that the app is parsing on startup.
When you log in to Deegram, your access token expiration time is stored in a Xamarin Account Keystore, which is checked on app startup to determine whether you need to refresh your login.
While we were checking for internally, we saw a pattern emerging from the reports that came in. Device languages.
Every report on this particular problem came from users that were using a Norwegian device language, and when changing our debug devices we quickly realized that this issue occured due to an error parsing and comparing different DateTime formats.

We have now added additional error handling and now store DateTime in a universal format. This patch is being published as we speak and should be available within a few hours.

These kinds of strange unexplainable errors (everything worked on our phones, which were coincidentally all on English languages so the error didn't affect us) are huge pain points, and we're truly grateful for all the screenshots and valuable input from our community when trying to figure out where everything went wrong.

So for that, thanks a lot!

Other additions

  • Vote error handling , voting too often (more than once every 3 seconds) now notifies you with a popup and doesn't crash
  • Resteem/share re-added to iOS (already present on Android)
  • GUI adjustments
  • Additional exception handling to prevent app crashes on startup
  • Updating your profile does no longer reset your profile picture if a new one is not selected.

Graphical updates

Images should now fill the entire width of the display. White lines on the sides of the images in your feed should no longer be appearing.

Iphone received some platform specific changes, mostly the re-adding of resteems/shares, and now the notch on top of the display is filled with the same color as the remainder of the header bar (previously not colored).

The comments GUI was updated to be covered in boxes to make larger comment fields more readable.

Other minor GUI adjustments

Some color scales were adjusted, and some of the previously orange fonts are now plain black to increase readability.

That's all for now, join us on Deegram!

Head over to Google Play or Apple Testflight to get the Deegram app today, or head over to the website.

Log in with your Steem account through Steemconnect and start posting!

Have any feedback, issues or questions? Let us know in the comments!

Best regards,
The Deegram team

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Looks like a nice app. Downloaded, I'll try it out.

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