Nomination for the 250 steem giveaway - Thanksgiving month is here and I want to nominate a cause to fill children with happiness.

3년 전


Knowing about this giveaway through a donation from STEEM fills me with enthusiasm to be able to nominate a great Steemian who always thinks about people and I'm sure he would take advantage of that donation in the best way.

The Steemian we want to nominate is: @antoniomontilva

@antoniomontilva is a good Steemian with more than a year in steemit, has collaborated in multiple projects and communities, is currently founder and leader of CAPZA project (@capzaproject in Steemit) together with two more people.

Bearing in mind that for Americans we are in Thanksgiving month and for Latinos we are approaching December, it would be great if the friend, partner and Steemian @antoniomontilva receive this donation because it would be something very important for everyone because we know that with it he can return to do the great activity and charity event that he did last December where he filled with joy all the children of his town and not only that, but he gave back faith and hope to an entire town giving smiles to all.

All this we say was achieved last year thanks to Steemit and the trust that his friends of the community placed in him. Without mentioning more and hoping that this year can repeat that great work, here we leave the videos and images that explain by themselves why this Steemian (@antoniomontilva) deserves the donation:

Images and videos taken on December 31, 2017 by @antoniomontilva

For the full article with all the photos and videos of the charitable activity done by @antoniomontilva, CLICK HERE. (article written in Spanish)

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