DEEP AERO – AI and Blockchain Based Solutions for Drone Economy

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Valuable time is wasted every single day on the road because of congestions and traffic jams which become the main problem of urban mobility. Passenger drone can be a solution for this problem as this kind of small, electric aircraft will enable people to commute to cities quickly and comfortably without dealing with traffic congestion on the road. Drones can also be used to transport goods much more efficient than trucks or cars. Considering the prospect of drone marketplace, DEEP AERO is attempting to establish Drone marketplace application that connects buyers and sellers to flawlessly have a deal on drone products and services.

The Vision of DEEP AERO

DEEP AERO is proposing Artificial Intelligent based solutions supported by blockchain technology in drone economy sector. It is attempting to build an independent drone economy with the goal to fully transform urban mobility system by introducing on-demand flying vehicle and cargo transportation. The idea is basically a little bit similar to the one of Uber. DEEP AERO is creating Uber for drones where customers can order a drone for either carrying passengers or transporting cargo.

With the vision in mind, DEEP AERO is providing three core services: DEEP AERO UTM, DEEP Passengers and Cargo drones, and Drone marketplace.

DEEP AERO Services

As mentioned above, DEEP AERO offers three main services. The first one is Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Monitoring (UTM). It is estimated that in future, there would be millions of drone flying in the sky carrying passengers or goods. There should be a system of traffic management that control the operations of the drones. Without such a system, it will be dangerous for the drones to fly around as they, for instance, can crash with other drones or buildings. With the UMT, DEEP AERO will create a better system for drone traffic monitoring. There are a number of features that come with the system.

The first is the DCU registration system. It provides unique identity codes for operators, pilots, and the drones. There is also an identity system provide the registered pilots and operators with dedicated UTM services. The third is information system. Empowered by blockchain, the system will give real-time positioning information, surveillance information, priority flight information, and many more. Other features of UMT include flight planner system, geo-fencing system, conflict management system, and many others.

The second service is passenger and cargo drones. As mentioned previously, through its application, DEEP AERO will connect drones owners to renters and it will have a fleet of VTOL drone transporting cargo and people on its UTM. Besides, DEEP AERO is planning to make its own drones too. Based on the roadmap, the first drown will be launched in the middle of 2019.

Token Sale Information

As it is a kind of big project considering that the company will make its own drones, a large amount of funds is needed and one of the ways to raise funds is from a token sale. There are 5 billion tokens created. 10% of them were distributed for the presale. The presale of DRONE token has ended since 15 April 2018. The ICO will start on 1 May 2018. It will last until the sale expires.



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