Making Sure Money Trumps Morality [Deep Dives 14/FBI Vault]

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Trump recently mentioned the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) in an interview with Fox News. He talked about how much they like war, acting as if he himself and his administration doesn't want war. At least not with Iran. But what about wanting wars elsewhere?

Thanks to Trump's trusted son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner has led Trump and the White House into supporting war abroad. Specifically, with the war of Saudi Arabia and it's allies to invade and destroy Yemen. This was all thanks to Kushner, whose family has a long history of putting money ahead of morality.


Kushner landed a huge deal to sell arms of all kinds to Saudi Arabia in 2017, worth over $100 billion. One might think a deal of that size would take time to be processed, vetted and approved. But not really. It took a whole 2 weeks for it to be negotiate and stamped for approval.

It's even reported that he shocked the Saudi delegation in the negotiations as he personally called Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson and got her to drop the price on the THAAD missile defense system. This weapons deal was a part of a larger $305 billion deal between the US and Saudi Arabia that will unroll over the next 10 years.

But hey, maybe that's fine, right? What's the problem with selling weapons to another country? Well, Saudia Arabia is an extreme authoritarian country that executes and beheads people for merely drug trafficking.

Since 2014, about 600 executions have taken place in public, where people watch "suspects convicted of terrorism, homicide, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking face the death penalty" by having their heads chopped off. The West may be the spear of the murder war machine which Saudi Arabia is part of, but at least we've moved away from public executions where people revel in the death of another, be it beheading, hanging, beating or whatever method.

In 2018, over 140 people were put to death. Statistics for this year are showing that 2019 will top it, with 170 public executions by the sword. Some of these "crimes" are victimless, like convicting drug smugglers to death by beheading. A 21 year old student was also beheaded, not for drugs, but for sending texts online about anti-government demonstrations. That was his crime. Texts, which the crazed Saudi government under Sharia law declared to be "terrorism" and beheaded him.

Then there is the whole war on Yemen which has been categorized by the UN as the "world's worst famine in 100 years". Over 200,000 people have died as a result of the genocide the Saudi's and their allies have committed against the people of Yemen. This has only been possible to this extent due to the support from the US.

Jared Kushner is to think for all of this. Money trumps morality for him and many in the Trump administration who just look at mega deals and the money equation instead of the moral equation. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Jared Kushner likely learned much of his greedy nature from the nurturing of his criminal father, Charles Kushner. Jared Kushner is only 36 years old and inexperienced in politics. He was a real estate developer, just like his daddy Charles Kushner. And now he's been thrust into the political world and heading up "brokering peace" in the Middle East.

He didn't get the job because he actually is a good person to make peace, who cares about doing the moral thing. What we are seeing is someone who seemingly cares very little about morality, because making deals is what matters more. A true real estate tycoon, like his father.

In looking at the FBI Vault for #deepdives 14, I saw Kushner in the K section. This was about his father Charles who was being investigated by the FBI. In the file dating to 2003, Kushner was accused of criminal activity by someone filing a lawsuit whose name was redacted.

This includes paying for Kushner's partnership expenses not based on the expenses made, but based on the the rental income they generated for Kushner. Kushner was said to also pay for pesonal expenses and made charitable and political contributions by applying them as expenses to those partnerships.



This guy is a crooks, through and through. He went to prison for some of his behavior. Charles grew the family-owned real estate business in the 80s and 90s and was find more than $500,000 by the Federal Election Commission for his illegal political donations. Charles eventually pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.

Charles even tried to get his brother-in-law William Schulder discredited by entrapping him with a hooker and sending the tape to his sister, Esther. Schulder was cooperating with federal authorities at the time. Despite these efforts, Charles failed in his dirty immoral mission.

He ended up serving 14 months in prison and was released in August 2006. The family fortune is over $1.8 billion now as the crooked dealings surely continue. Charles even hired some other white-collar criminals to work for him after he got out.

This is who Jared Kushner has learned from. He stood by his father through all of it. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was part of the Trump inner circle until Jared outed him. Why? Christie was the one who prosecuted his father over 10 years ago.

Now Jared, an amoral greedy crooked real estate seller is taking care of the Middle East relationships with the US. No wonder a huge deal was made to sell weapons to an immoral authoritarian regime like Saudi Arabia. It just makes sense when you look at the family history. Money trumps morality for the Kushners and the Trump administration (pun intended).

So when Trump talks about how there are people who like war, like those in the MIC. You can see that he himself likes war, just maybe not as much when it's Americans involved. But when it's other nations warring, he is all too willing to sell them billions in weapons to help the MIC make money. He just maybe draws the line when the MIC tries to pull Americans into the war, like in a war with Iran.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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It’s all one big show. Let me explain it in the simplest, most reductive way humanly possible..

1). Government doesn’t work on behalf of the people, and it never has. It’s simply a multi-headed control mechanism with tiny nodes reaching into every facet of life, from finance and industry, to food, healthcare, and education.

2). Politicians are actors. The left/right, the idea of democracy, the republic, etc. - is ALL fake. It’s a show that is played by these actors. The actors are also decision makers. All sides work together towards a single goal, which is not for the people but rather self-enrichment of themselves and their real leaders.

3). All systems of the establishment are thoroughly corrupted and irreversibly broken. This is factual. Freedom of choice is a lie. Your only hope for true freedom - should you ever have a taste of it - is to remain outside the system in anyway possible. Buy local, buy only what you can afford to buy with cash, don’t create debt, buy used/like new when possible, and don’t ever drink & drive, or travel with weapons, large amounts of cash, or drugs.


Very nicely summed up. It's easy to get caught-up in the "news" of the day, in this see-saw back and forth fashion. One day Trump is your hero, the next day it's Tulsi Gabbard or Ron Paul. But in the end all of it is elaborate theater.


The truth hurts! What a theatre we are all trapped in.


Yes, like a hydra and octopus nightmare :P The two-party false dichotomy works well to keep people entranced in a spell and prison they can't see. Not creating debt is so important, yet people are so stuck in wanting houses that feed the usury of the banksters.


That is the heart of local communities that roots through families, the heart of humanity, for thousands of years.

Part of me thinks that Trump knows the power of crowd wisdom and the fact that the crowd is almost always right. As a businessman he may be somewhat amoral, but I think he's using the will of the crowd to guide his actions to a degree, at least until the next election if he's simply using game theory to game the populace.

The American people do not want another Iraq, and if he does choose to Iraq Iran after or before he's secured his next term it will tarnish his reputation permanently. His two terms will be a trophy for the neocons and they can mount his rotten legacy in their halls of infamy.

I do think Trump is using game theory, and also the Delphi technique in his tireless interactions and efforts. The big question is, can these techniques be utilized by someone with good intentions? What if the office of the president is a trap, what if every time someone steps into that office it's a losing game. Only would be POTUSes are not privy to this Intel until they've won the office, and then they either have to put up or shut up.

As in fall on the advice of advisers and become a stuffed suit or actually choose to play the game themselves and cause as little damage as they can in the process. I have a feeling that if a moral person like Ron Paul were to have won the office, he'd simply resign the next day because of the dis-empowering circumstances and the actions he'd legally be obliged to perform, and secrets he'd be forced to keep. Secrets arising from prior contracts agreed to by past Presidents that he had no input on.

If the office of the Bush or Obama presidency made a promise and there is a NDA with regards to the promise and strict penalties should the contract be broken, what is Trump to do? Should he violate the agreement or honor it? What if it goes against his moral principles?

I think we have very simplified expectations for the people who are elected, I think what I've outlined above can create circumstances where Presidents are immediately compromised by the ring of power they fought so hard for.

The business of nation States and the business of business is, or can be a dirty game, but nice article, there's a lot of insightful information here. I def think Trump is trying to appeal to the neocons and the popular antiwar sentiment at the same time.

The big question is, what will he decide to do? Also, what will be the motivation for that decision? If he decides to not war solely on account of getting reelected, then Trump supporters can expect to be extremely disappointed during his next term should he go full neocon.


The crowd isn't almost always right. Climate change being caused by humans alone... that's the current consensus of the crowd.

Your NDA is speculation. You can't be beholden to something you didn't agree to or sign anyways. This is what's wrong with the whole legal system. Idiots make laws, and then they get set in stone and hardly ever change because it's now "in stone" as "the law". Executive orders are the same. It's all a cluster fuck of not correcting mistakes and just riding them out in some perverted sense of loyalty.


"The wisdom of the crowd is the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert." - wiki

Climate Change

Here we have a case where interested parties paid off a crowd of experts to manufacture a consensus. That said, I am not sure the crowd will provide accurate feedback in this scenario. I do not know what the crowd's conclusion is on this topic, but what I can tell you is that interested parties will do everything in their power to make you think the crowd's opinion falls in line with their agenda.

You may be getting gaslit by the globalists' Asch-style conformity methods, those questions are posed to the crowd in such a way, as to manipulate the respondent to succumb to a prescribed answer.

Is the NDA speculation?

Don’t you think it’s rather speculative to speculate that I’m speculating about the NDAs? What’s an NDA by any other name? What about the term 'classified,' or 'official secrets act?' This thing is commonplace in all areas of business. Actors, politicians, and wannabe writers buy books from ghostwriters and claim authorship of the work. The NDA makes this, and so many other things possible. The business of government and war is dirty deeds. They cannot let us know the true reasons for these things else they risk losing power.

Secret treaty
A (Qualified) Defense of Secret Agreements
The Broad and Silencing NDAs that Permeate Congress

"Fourth, and more troublingly, states may use secrecy to avoid public scrutiny, where the governments concluding the secret commitment are concerned that their publics would be unlikely to support it. Finally, states may employ secrecy to facilitate the conclusion of commitments that are of questionable legality under international or domestic law (or both)." – A (Qualified) Defense of Secret Agreements

It's not only those two Trump and his son in 'low', it's a cult that took over the USA and most of western Europe since over a century now. They have a goal and that goal is not in the interest at of the USA or European citizens, it only has to do with building the temple for the Anti-Christ.

Isn't it quite astonishing that they targeted all the national armies in the region: Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Iraq (remember first US decision after taking Baghdad and since ISIS and others surfaced that will never attack Israel but all its foes), Yemen, Sudan... All these countries had national armies whose ideology is to protect the homeland of the specific country and the land of Arabs, Israel is built on stolen Arab land.

The Military Industrial Complex is just a small necessary arm of theirs. The banking system is in their pockets, even drug cartels, NSA FBI, CIA.. Etc. All work for them.

Here watch this and see how much money they amassed last century alone: The Cult that Owns the USA, Shocking Information.


Yes Zionist power has risen. Follow the money, there is a new power block in town from the past centuries, but they may not be at the top, although they appear to be.

Can we protest?

How do we get government to only sell weapons to the better countries? I mean, countries that are not Islamic, suppressive, tyrannical, big, authoritarian, etc? Do we need more laws or amendments that could help with this?

Free Market

Better yet, I want government to stop selling weapons to other countries, all together. I would let the free market sell weapons. I don't want to restrict the free market. When I say free market, I'm not talking about monopolism, technocracy, plutocracy, globalism, globalization, crony capitalism, fascism, etc. I don't like those things either.


Maybe governments shouldn't sell any weapons, exactly. Weapons sales in a free market can sell to any shit fucker too.


Yeah. I agree. We the people have to try to force government to protect our freedoms mostly via not getting involved or else.

I guess we are ignoring what past presidents have done (yeah, I'm talking about Obama) and we're blaming Trump for the wars that he inherited? Got it.


Obama inherited form Bush as well. They all play the same game.

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