Passing the torch!

10개월 전

Yesterday there was another issue I read about and I just considered it.
This was about a few folks, indeed they call themselves "the 3%'ers" and one of the quotes from them was "We just want the Government to leave us alone, we'll pay our fair taxes, but we don't need the Government to rule us". Which makes lots of sense if you really think about it.
Our Federal Government used to work for the people and that was how it made the most of it's money. Then began the long string of wars and the "Income Tax" was proposed. Then came WW1, WW2, Korea and the beginning of the "Endless Wars" How many of us can remember just 1 generation that did not have a war? EVERY decade there has been some sort of Conflict and they have individually killed several THOUSAND of each generation.

I have been told that "when you point your finger at someone, remember you have 3 fingers pointing back at you" and concerning this, it makes me sad to think that my generation has begun and continues these "ENDLESS WARS". Obviously my Generation, the "Boomers" cannot seem to do things without a war. It has gotten so bad that now the Prez who is from my generation, is conducting "DOMESTIC TERRORISM" just so you don't think about all the WARS.

In my opinion, since my generation can't seem to do the job without some kind of murderous bastard leading the way, the Boomers need to GET OUT OF THE WAY, and let the next gen work without wars. LEt the next generation figure out what my generation just can't seem to fathom. Stop the wars, End homelessness, end hunger and starvation in OUR COUNTRY. Sure, help other Countries, but help your own, FIRST!

It is time to pass the torch to the Next Generation and let them lead or falter as they make the best effort. My generation should be there to lend a hand if asked. It is past time to let the guys who have seen our mistakes to take the reigns and LEAD.

© Mitchell 2020-07-23

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