Steemit in an Age of Censorship

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I know very little about the mechanics of BlockChain and the real technical side of how information is stored, I am more of a basic user not a blockchain genius That disclaimer laid out... I use Steemit because it's a great place for content creation, the Ultimate Blog where you can paste content on other Social Networking sites, sharing content, easier than owning and using your own .Com Site in my opinion

During current research/info binges, Censorship and Algorithms have gummed up the search for content that traditionally took seconds to find 10 years ago to today as of January 9, 2021 100's of 1,000's of lamestream fact checking spam entries with no hope in sight of finding objective content. Luckily DuckDuckGo and Start Page in certain cases still post unadultured manipulated internet search results.

Than as I dive deeper on certain issues even alternative browsers are subject to Big Tech manipulations making research very difficult. Enter Steemit. Recently I have noticed a trend of Very Public figures, organizations, and activists have referenced and linked up to Steemit Articles from the last 4 years on a level that IMO is setting a new precedent, and a future trend that will reward authors who wrote content many years ago to almost no audience to speak of, and finding their work in the present a national staple and reference for researchers and Info Junkies.

As part of my conclusion on Steemit potentially becoming a stronghold for information, storage of ideas, and reference for netizens in a age of Draconian nightmarish corporate censorship, is the fact I was able to find many helpful unique, censorship free, links and launch points for research on deep dives through the Steemit Page search function. The censorship has been so Tyrannical apparently the block chain is the last frontier of Free Speech and Objective Documentation of facts.

Though Steemit itself is as dead as I have ever seen it, and with big platforms cracking down on content like 3rd world dictators, Steemit and blockchain may finally tip the scale back into relevance and grow membership into unprecedented numbers, millions of internet refugee's setting up shop in the same manner people flee war zones and brutal dictators, except in this case the story has a happy ending and we are not sequestered into information concentration camps

This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers


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