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Joe Biden has been quoted repeatedly proclaiming a "Dark Winter" which was first used by Biden during the Presidential debates of 2020, that Narrative of "Dark Winter" is still in use by the Mainstream Press as currently as February 2021.

While plenty of research came to light on what "Dark Winter" is by Alternative Journalist, Wiki Leaks also has relevant "Dark Winter" information in it's collection of leaks. I present to you the following leaks:

This Wikileak is from the Congressional Research Service, in a leak titled,"CRS: Small-scale Terrorist Attacks Using Chemical and Biological Agents: An Assessment Framework and Preliminary Comparisons, June 23, 2004", This leak is an excellent description describing what "Dark Winter" is:

"The Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies, in collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Analytic Services Institute for Homeland Security, and the Oklahoma National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, held a senior-level exercise in June, 2001 entitled “Dark Winter” that simulated a covert smallpox attack on the United States. A review of the Dark Winter exercise can be found in Tara O’Toole, Michael Mair, and Thomas V. Inglesby, “Shining Light on “Dark Winter,",_June_23,_2004

One note of interest I see is what is the relationship between"The Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies" and "Event 201"? which was also sponsored by" The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security" as well as the World Economic Forum, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This leak is odd, it has a brief description of the Exercise "Dark Winter" in an advertisement for disaster proof homes in 2009 8 years after Dark Winter. It is part of the Global Intelligence files. The context here is important. It shows that "Dark Winter is a well known operation amongst a specific group or industry, enough of an event amongst a certain demographic to insert it into an extremely high end advertisement on a product that would cost multi millions to purchase, who are they marketing to and who is they?

"The government officials are not only worried about a flu pandemic, but also about the possibility that a major smallpox outbreak will happen. In fact, they are so worried about smallpox that, in June of 2001, they conducted a major simulation of a terrorist smallpox attack against 3 American cities. It was named Dark Winter, and it lived up to its name.
The results of this exercise were grim, to put it mildly. According to the National Security Council, the worst case scenario was that within seven weeks, one million Americans would be dead, many millions others would be sick, and the disease would have spread to 25 states and to 13 foreign countries."

RE: [Social] Stratfor Secret Hqs

This leak " Did the Anthrax Attacks Kick-Start Iraq War?" Struck rabbit hole gold! The writer makes references to events and players during the 2001 Anthrax Attack, again mentioning "Dark Winter" which occured in June 2001, and the Anthrax attacks were in September 18, 2001. The rabbit hole gold comes after the wiki quote.

"In June of 2001, a simulated smallpox attack on Oklahoma City killed nearly 6,000 during Dark Winter, a biodefense
exercise later criticized for overhyping the threat
On October 2nd, Simon & Schuster released /Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War,
co-authored by controversial reporter Judith Miller.
Two days later, Robert Stevens tested positive for anthrax. The attacks — and the panic — only grew."
[CT] Did the Anthrax Attacks Kick-Start Iraq War?

I than dug deeper to decipher that vague "Dark Winter" reference in the Wiki Leak email. I followed the link in the email to a "Wired Magazine in May of 2009 which also references "Dark Winter". It discusses Dr. Tara O’Toole,"DHS under secretary for science and technology"

"She was the single most extreme person, either in or out of government, advocating for a massive biodefense expansion and relaxation of provisions for safety and security," he adds. "She makes Dr. Strangelove look sane."

"O'Toole rose to prominence in biodefense circles after producing Dark Winter, a June 2001 exercise that explored how a single smallpox outbreak could threaten millions of lives in 15 countries. An Army War College report later found that the exercise tripled the normal transmission rate for smallpox -- "mak[ing] it next to impossible for the game players to do very much to contain the outbreak, and assur[ing] a disastrous outcome irrespective of whatever control measures the players may attempt to carry out." Atlantic Storm, a 2005 exercise also produced by O'Toole, had similar issues. According to the report, it made “grossly misleading assumptions” about the ease of creation and dispersion of the same biological agent -- assuming bioterrorists would enjoy a capability that neither the Americans nor Soviets could achieve at the heights of the Cold War."


This Wiki Leak names one of the players who helped run "Dark Winter", his nam is "Col. Randy Larsen and in the email he is "briefing for Stratfor on the 21st Century Bioterrorism Threat". Opening a new Rabbit hole cross checking Randy Larsen and finding out if he is a player in 2020.

"He has designed and led numerous war games and executive-level table top exercises including: DARK WINTER (bioterrorism, 2001), SILENT VECTOR (critical infrastructure, 2002), CRIMSON SKY (agro-terrorism, 2002), CRIMSON WINTER (food security, 2003), TERMINAL RISK (environmental terrorism, 2003), ATLANTIC STORM (international public health, 2005)."

There is a deeper story to the expression "Dark Winter", It's definitely Establishment Code, Joe Biden didn't come up with the expression Dark Winter on his own especially in his state, his Narrative Writers did. One thing I have noticed that almost all players involved in the Plandemic of 2020 have been in power for 20-30 years leaving possible opportunities to find a Wikileak on the many players involved in the Corona Plandemic game.

"Dark Winter Research Material"







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