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Times without number have i hammered on the differences between a decentralized and centralized exchanges, coupled with the advantage and disadvantage both posess,
Before going further permit to refreshen your memory

A centralized exchange
Centralized exchanges are exchanges in which exchange account owners have little or no authority over the affairs of the exchange as most users are just “account owners”
Typical features of centralized exchange include
High transaction fees
Partial control over the affairs of the exchange
Reduced transaction speeds
Easy to use
Advanced trading functions e.g stop loss
High security, and a host of other features
Examples include binance, kucoin

While decentralized exchanges on the other hand are atypical type of exchange where owners/users are in direct control of their assets and funds, the security of such exchange depends solely on the users as they are responsible for the security of their personal funds while using the exchange
Features include
Total control of assets by users
Low transaction fees
Users are responsible for security of their personal funds and so on
Examples include idex, bitshares etc

However come to think of an exchange that combines both the unique advantages peculiar to both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges to give a seamles faster, easily adopted exchange, decentralized exchanges are immune to political shutdown, sanctions by governing bodies and can also safe guard users identity.
An exchange whoose transaction speed goes beyond 100k transaction per seconds
Faster than both visa and master card
Without much ado please
An high-tech, decentralized blockchain exchange which provides users with a combination of advantages over the local exchanges decentralized and centralized combined, this exchange bosts of
High performance
Transferable accounts
Referral rewards system
Dynamic account permission etc

Its most striking advantage is the DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE CONSENSUS
Also known as dpos is the first of its kind to be used by an exchange, this method of consensus as at the moment of writing this article is yet to be adopted by any exchange thereby putting DEEX EXCHANGE on the forefront when it comes to innovation
Dpos is a very stable and flexible consensus protocol used by many cryptocurrencies today, this also adding to the exchange’s high transaction rate is what tips DEEX to be the next generation exchange as it has been positioned well in an ever Changing technical climate.

What sets DEEX EXCHANGE apart?
Api integration - third parties can use deex secure api to be integrated into third parties applications (first of its kind)

Cryptocurrency debit cards - rather than withdrawal and conversion of funds from one currency to another, deex has made this more easier by providing cryptographically secured debit cards to users on the platform, which can be used on any atm in the world no matter your location

  • Ico - as we all know the ico sphere keeps getting tougher day by day as most of the icos out now seems to be scam, with deex a platform for sincere icos will be provided where the team and the motive behind the ico will be thoroughly screened before being hosted on the dex platform thereby providing a safe haven for both the investors and ico. This platform will be introduced by dex in later time and will be named DEEX.ICO
  • DEX.ICO will be among the three financial instruments to be released by DEX in later days as the other two financial instruments include
  • DEEX.CORE - This is a token which gives the platform users the ability to receive income from participants activities through direct or indirect participation.
  • DEEX.FUND - a cryptocurrency blockchain fund which will enable users to safely invest in different types of funds within DEEX

Should you require more information, please feel free to visit any of the links below
Official Website
Official telegram group
Official YouTube channel

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