A-Z of Steam: Defy Gravity

8개월 전

Can you guess what this game is about? Hint: It's my most hated genre in the world, and I despise the fact that this is even in my game collection on Steam. It is a platformer. It is not even one that gives me a good reason to play it.


Think Jet Pack (originally made by Rare) - but much, much worse, but with a gravity gun (and not the sort of fuin gravity gun that you get given in Half Life 2!).

You can create two types of gravity wells in this game, and each has an equal chance of sending you to your doom. One type of gravity holds you in place, the other repels you. You could repeat this exercise and the title of the game with magnets, if you really wanted to.

It still wouldn't make much sense.

In any case, there's little going for this game, even if you're into platformers. While I utterly hate the genre, I can still appreciate Sonic, Mario, and Megaman. This does does nothing that any of those titles do well, which is collectibles, puzzles, or an engrossing story to fit in with all your crazy jumps and heroic leaps over artificial chasms and laser beams (or spinning saw blades) that would never exist in any manifestation of physical reality.


I .. do kind of like it when I come across one of these platformer type games in my collection, because it challenges me to find new ways to express my hatred of the genre.

I think I've done that well here - and Defy Gravity is not an excellent example of this genre. It lacks character, polish, and ... everything else that a game should have - let alone the things a good platformer should have.


I think I picked this up in a humble bundle or indie gala bundle once upon a time because there was some other game in a package that I wanted. This was definitely not that game.

Send help, I'm stuck at the bottom of a chasm of platforming games.

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