I am only able to delegate a bit of my SP to help minnow

4년 전

Greetings, how are you steemit friends? glad to see you again and hopefully healthy always.

Today a friend complained about the limited bandwidth, it makes it impossible to make a post, @rahmadantara is a new steemit user and I think he has interesting photography skills, I really enjoy some posts. He made a post about a story that tells stories, it seems to suit his skills.

@rahmadantara is a senior and experienced journalist I know, he has dedicated his life for so long in the field of journalism, I really appreciate it.

Given the limitations of bandwidth he has, it makes me feel worth helping him to keep working on this platform, he has a vision of an innovation on this platform I think, especially about his talent in the field of storytelling photography.

Because of the limitations of SP I can only help as many as 50 SP, hopefully, he can still work and provide quality posts on this platform and now he can re-create posts because the bandwidth problem has been resolved.

I will continue to strive to support new steemit users in Aceh to remain able to work and provide the best for the steemit community.

Let's support Aceh's steemit users

best regards @kharrazi

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  ·  4년 전

I am a minnow too. Need some delegation too. Help this man out too.


I will review your first post and we will see
whether I am worthy of supporting you or not ;)

I agree, so can give a tremendous spirit in developing his hobby and his work as a journalist.

Great Info love that you post organic content on here .I try to do the same feel free to check me out.

Steemit is share and care place that encouraging every one to help each other, you proof it bro @kharrazi....


Thanks buddy
the point is we still support every talented minnow ;)

sebagai pendatang baru di steemit saya perlu banyak belajar pada senior senior saya . salam kenal bang


Saya juga masih banyak kekurangan dan masih harus banyak belajar, terima kasih telah mengunjungi blog sederhana saya :)


terimakasih juga sudah upvote. sukses selalu

Mohon bantu,,saya yang kecil mengharap pada yang besar,,
karna saya masih baru di steemit