The (Centralized) Vil: Kill the middleman

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I'm going to start using Steem properly and so should you.

First step is to kill the middleman.


The Greed Within

Steem is mine and it is yours too.

Having liquid STEEM and putting it in motion on markets can make you rich if you are lucky or can make you poor if you are not.

But what if you believe in a long term Steem success?
HODL STEEM like a Pro and Power Up!

Powered up?

Welcome to the suckers club!

Now what?
If you are a great writer you could create great posts and upvote yourself ten times a day.
If you are not a great writer but you are a shameless scumbag you could pretend that you are master of technical analysis and still upvote yourself ten times a day.
Neither of that?
Sorry to hear.

So maybe curation?
Not exactly a passive income you have always dreamed about.
So maybe automation?
You know few great authors that you want to vote for, rest you can sell to the highest bidder.
There are plenty of services that will let you do that.
Fuck yes!



Fuck no!

Soon you end up using them...

Paid voting services

You need them to effectively use of your own Steem Power.
Idle Steem Power is a waste.
You don't want your precious Steem Power to be wasted.

So you use them.

You sell your Steem Power, your votes, your dignity.
You close your eyes when shitposts are upvoted because you have a good reason for that: you earn.
You earn to buy Steem Power and votes.
You need them to make your posts stand out of the pile of shitposts.
Out of the pile of shitposts, very same shitposts you just helped go trending.

Voting services is not everything.
Your friends could help you
... could they?
They are voting for your posts.
They honestly like your content.
But their power is low.
No wonders, it's long time sold out.

And that's not the worst.
You all just made some random pimp the middleman rich.


LOL. Are you kidding?
I don't have one.
But one thing Steem has taught me:
I don't need a middleman.

The idea should please both:

  • those who love paid voting services
  • those who hate paid voting services

Let the greed guide you

Those who sell votes will still sell votes but earn a little bit more.
Those who buy votes will still buy votes but earn a little bit more.

Stage one (now)

I want a self hosted voting automation to support my favorite authors.
I want a self hosted bid bot to sell my remaining voting power without a middleman.

Stage two

I want to be able to offer those services to others.

I don't want a middleman for myself but I want to be a middleman for others?
With one important difference: I will be half as greedy as most.
Or maybe less.

Stage three

I want to aim for non-profit.
Just to cover upkeep costs.
At proper scale costs will be negligible.
If you want to compete as a middleman, you have to make no profit or you will lose.

On my way to make it happen

I can't do that on my own, I will gladly use your help.
I will post about the progress.

End credits

I want to thank:
and other kind souls visiting #general channel on Steem.Chat
Without you guys, I wouldn't care.

And myself.
I want to thank myself too.
Because I care about myself most and so should you.
Kill the middleman.

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To be clear I repeat that again: I'm not a fan of any paid voting service, but I get your idea.

As already mentioned on chat by @anmitsu, @acidyo's OCDB is pretty much similar project. Their main advantage however is not only a high ROI, but their team of curators who are working to ensure that service will be used by those who adds value.
Keep in mind that maintaining such project would require a lot of effort.

That being said, I like the idea of removing a middle man from the equation. Documenting whole process would be a good idea too. You might want to check if @utopian-io can help you with this project.


If I'm understanding the post correctly, the solution could be something like a copy of ocdb but with custom whitelists and let the owner choose their own ROI and other things. One thing they can't control is if others delegate to it but the owner can obviously choose to not send any payouts to those users if he wants the bot to only use his own vp.

About maintenance and upkeep, yeah there's often glitches and issues and a hardfork around the corner that could force you to update something which is not easy if you aren't a dev yourself.

Anyway I wouldn't mind making the current ocdb opensource, I'm pretty sure it is, if not I'll talk to the awesome Devs we have that have put their time into ours pro bono and I'm very thankful to. They knew it was going to be nonprofit and help the platform so all the credit goes to them.

Anyway, let me know about more details and if I can help in any way. @thevil


Thank you a million times.
This is an early stage but I finally manage to start doing something instead of just thinking.
I think I'm going to use @yabapmatt's postpromoter code for MVP.
@themarkymark just confirmed on chat that it already has support for blacklists.


Yeah ocdb is from postpromoter :) good luck!


Thank you, Wizard, your feedback is always valuable and means a lot to me.

OCDB looks like a good project but is heavily limited by its whitelist. For example I couldn't promote this post there. You are not on the whitelist too!

Decentralization of non profit voting services will add value and I will learn and document everything on my way.

Update I

To achieve my goals:

  • I want a self hosted voting automation to support my favorite authors.
  • I want a self hosted bid bot to sell my remaining voting power without a middleman.

I need:
[ ] software for voting automation
[ ] software for bid bot
[ ] server to run that software
[ ] initial setup
[ ] maintenance

After many talks I think that @holger80's steemrewarding would be perfect for voting automation, and @yabapmatt's postpromoter for bid bot.

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