Another Steem Power Delegation Contest



If you have less than 50 total Steem Power follow me and resteem this post leave a comment with a screenshot of your resteem and a link to your latest post. I am giving a 25sp Delegation to a lucky winner. Make sure you follow me so you don’t miss any other giveaways.

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Hello, here is the screenshot as you wanted.. resteem.PNG

This is the link to my latest post.

By the way, I had followed you a long time ago and I saw your post in the feed before trending or hot!

Hell yeah! Thanks man heres my screen shot. Im a guppy lmao

Screenshot_20181023-111125_Samsung Internet.jpg

I'll match that to the winner. Resteemed. You've been a real help to me ma man.

  ·  작년

I can't participate of this contest i mean i have over 50 sp but i will resteem your post to pass the voice. Regards


Thanks. Trying to help the beginners

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  ·  작년

Yes it's the idea :). I forgot resteem hehehe done now

John 8:21-22 was my last post. It was a share 2 steem. I am following you already! Love all the comments. And... I resteemed this too! Thanks for the contest. Hope you do well. Btw I was chosen to be a part of the same club that follows you. 😎

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Not sure how to send a screenshot of the resteem I would do it if I knew how to do that on my partiko app! Sorry.

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I took care of it for you! God bless.
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.05.31 AM.png


Thank you! And God bless you and yours. I see little ones in your posts. Grandkids or kiddos?

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Yup, those are my little ones. Ages 4 months, 2 and 4years. You're Welcome.

Good stuff Helping one another.
I will resteem it as well.
Pay it forward.


Great stuff, i will not be participating but have resteemed the post nonetheless.

Done :) You've been doing more posts lately, Congratulations!!!

Good initiative to help new steemians.
All the best to the winner.
Thank you @trevonjb

Just like that a faithful follower from YouTube can't join the contest.

It's good work you are doing here sir... Resteemed


Followed (I had started following recently anyway... lol), resteemed and screenshot right here 👆🏾🙂

I'm new here, but the support I see from more experienced members, wanting to see beginners gain too is beautiful

Thank you

  ·  작년


So here is my entry. Good luck to everyone

  ·  작년

Hurray!! I have resteemed a good post and here is the screenshot.

This is the link to my recent post

Here the screenshot...


And here is my last post...

screenshot on your post sir

  ·  작년

I am participate of this contest i mean i have not 50 sp sir

My post

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