DemoScene : Void by Invaders (zx spectrum 128kb)

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Void by Invaders (zx spectrum 128kb)

in-crowders might not understand the amount of art this represents , others certainly will, if you're a "scener" im sure this demo will be appreciated


Release date: january 2021
Release party: Di halt 2021
Compo: lowend demo
Platform: zx spectrum
Ranked: 1st

omega / Jan Palenicek (code, gfx, story)
Lamer Pinky / Petr Klusal (musics, gfx)
Group: Invaders
Full name of work: Void
Compo: ZX Spectrum
Requirements: ZX Spectrum 128k/+2
Duration (minutes): 7:45 (11:17 with end-titles)
P.S.: Demoscene forever!

(more on machine specific in youtube vid explanation)

As for the tales from the dark side :

Start with the basics , although : 8bit guy forgets to mention (i think) that in commodore basic you have peek & poke and i think "sys" command which starts execution at a certain point in memory.
Stuff was a bit simpler in 64k, less different registers , less stack overlords and programs couldnt really be all over the place in memory so if you told the computer to sys x it would start with whatever opcode it found there and execute until stopped or error encountered.

The guy looks a bit like your stereotypical prototype of a basement nurd who never left home but appearances might be deceiving lol. All that stuff as a collector : you dont get that for free. Having a hall with elder machines and arcade machines was part of my dream of "after i get out of belgium" myself and i can hardly call me a basement nurd who never left the house - i left at 20 actually with zit francs in my pocket and me and my gf slept the first weeks (maybe months) on inflatable camping matresses in a very small house that cost 5000 francs to rent (about €125)

I had all the fire but it wasnt coming out of every pore but thats not a story for here , i can only say : if you ever see "a belgium" loom close to you :


it will never let you go and use every dirty trick at its disposal to keep you "in your place, peasant" . Any ambition above that is severely frowned upon as dikkeneken dont weirken voor een baas met de annen.

Yea - well, basic has evolved quite some since the 64 - dark basic for one is compiled basic where, if you know the compiler you can probably structure the flow of opcodes and i havent gotten the money to buy glbasic yet (and thres so much free stuff) so i dont know how that works

I don't python, (i dont like python) i <3 Ada but i dont think i like the language and i dont rust either - i dont think basic is for lamers

and as a physicist on a mission said to me only two years ago : "most programs for the high end analysis of particle physics are still written in Cobol" , so ...

i checked ASM cuz i wanna but as it turns out : today's ASM is already not level-0-in-readable but its at least lvel 1 since you address the already present operating system, not the machine ... (probably hard if you deal with stuff that has a different instruction set every year ...)

woops time to stop (yes something set me off already today)

Hope you liked the vids, thanks for the massive support as always, im about 99.999.000 short of my startup goal on kakstarter and this is not america

gud ... thanks for reading if you did, not if you didnt, thanks double for voting and half of nothing if you didnt ...
didnt find new freebs or demoframes but havent been looking either

ah : i found (another) free engine (open source too i think) which i havent had the chance to check - its not about not knowing what to do, its about living between the interruptions and trying not to flip beyond repair - and that has nothing to do with the pandemic . The lockdowns and the quiet have been GREAT for me - nowhere close to living in a place with no humans in sight but certainly best year ever since they stuck me back here .


opps, surray .. so the "new thing" :

Urho 3D + wiki

new meaning "me just found out about this this week - so it'l be on the list : meaning even LESS excuses to not give it a try)

dum(b)p that phone and

Unleash Yourself
they just keep coming while checking, this looks a bit like "notch-for-poor-people" ... after i get my stemcelltherapy to fix my worn out bones, get my tooth fixed with the dead nerve that needs removing and then save another billion to clone myself i certainly NEED to try these things out one by one ...

to a lesser extent for the real freaks :

... i have a vocore here but one of the pins is bent and i shrined it since im not mister solder ... maybe one day when im on mars and its clear skies again

i will try to link more - i use appgamekit by gamecreators too myself but thats not a free program and if anyone says "notch" , please slap them around with a few 1000 dollar bills (bc you will be needing that)

much @
here goes :

as for the partyzones, i think im just scratching the surface again but for now :

(and obviously not in halls full of strange ulta-basement nerds who are or are not marries seven times by now)

(these are definitely major events ... its where you find the guy who can actually write you the compiler, not talk the lingo ...)

If you call me 'a creative'
i will beat your kid to death
with a puppy

Commander Gato

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