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Yesterday, my husband caught some small fish with a simple fishing net. At the beginning, he wanted to play with the children, but he caught a lot of small fish.Finally I feel to make them into a dish.


Today, a friend of my children advised me to sign up for interest classes, her reason is that they will have no time to learn what they like.


Our family is not far away from the Yangtze River, but we rarely go to the river, and hardly take a boat.Today we have time, our family will take a cruise 🚢 to enjoy the scenery on both sides.


Yesterday I bought cantaloupe on my way from work, but I didn't eat it last night because I was busy.Both of my kids are at home today, and half a cantaloupe is soon finished.They are very filial, leaving a piece for me and their father.


Today's highest temperature has reached 30 degrees, and many pedestrians on the road have worn short-sleeved T-shirts.Walking on the road, only hide in the shade of the trees can feel cool.


Now the weather is getting hotter day by day, yesterday felt that in the spring, today became summer.At noon, the sun is not strong, but in more than ten minutes outside will be sweat.


Spring is so good, no matter where you can feel the warm breath, the birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers can be seen everywhere!


The three-day holiday is over, and tomorrow the children will go to school again.Today I let them go to bed early to prepare for school tomorrow.


On the second day of the holiday, our family came to the park not far from their home, and a lot of people came to play here.Many of the people coming here, like us, bring their children on holidays.


Today the weather is very good, and it is the first day of the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, our family can not wait to go out for an outing.


The teacher now asks the children in their class to practice writing every day at home. My child has been practicing for more than a month.The process is tough, but if the children can persevere, they will make greater

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