need money

2개월 전


Today, the English class teacher began to urge us to renew it again.If there is no renewal, the child can only attend eight more classes.If renewed, we will pay about eight thousand dollars.


At first, I thought the cat was hunching over and catching mice. After watching it for a long time, it was not catching mice but eating grass.


There are more and more temporary cordon in the city, and the reasons for pulling it are also various.In any case, we must remember to stay away from them when we meet them.


Today I saw a man in a red vest riding in the heavy rain. When I got closer, I found that volunteers were helping people deliver things.They are a group of selfless and lovely people, and everyone should salute them!


A new round of novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing has begun, has not remember this is the first round, hope this round of testing do not appear positive people, otherwise it will continue to extend the shutdown time.


A relative of mine who lives in the countryside said on his WeChat circle of friends that his strawberries had been available on the market, but he could not sell them.


The sunflower seeds I planted with the children half a month ago have now grown into two leaves, feeling like time flies quickly and changes are everywhere.


With a few loud thunder, it finally began to rain.I wonder if such a big Thor can scare back the plague!


I received a phone call from the leader in the afternoon, the boss said that the next few days may stop work at any time, let me put the work in the hand summary.Tonight I counted at home the report I will submit tomorrow to prepare for possible emergencies.



Hearing that the closed management has begun, many blocks have already banned shopping malls and supermarkets.Today, my husband went to the countryside to bring back a lot of vegetables, and I also bought some meat outside.


Today was worse than yesterday, and many people started hoarding supplies.


Since yesterday, it has become more and more difficult to buy vegetables, and fewer and fewer vege

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